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Online business marketing consulting. PERSONAL consultations for your company from Ivan Papus!

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About the service

Modern business is taking new forms with regard to the rapid development of information technology. The key to success can be an intellectual improvement, rebuilding a business strategy to fit new economic realities.

Do you already have your own SEO specialist or even a marketing department?

But digital promotion doesn’t work, the site doesn’t attract clients, and sales growth leaves much to be desired? Marketing consulting is the best solution! This is a useful and highly productive service.

It’s time to turn to an outsourcing specialist for business marketing consulting!

The obvious benefits of online marketing consulting:

  • detailed audit;
  • a true picture of the problem;
  • analysis of prospects;
  • new knowledge in the field of marketing;
  • checking the competencies of staff and contractors;
  • an effective strategy for current and future projects;
  • profit growth by 30% or more.

And marketing consulting with the help of outsourcing specialists is much cheaper than hiring new contractors or specialists.

I have a unique offer for you:

I will personally help to quickly identify the failures of the marketing strategy that interfere with the growth of sales and brand positioning.

And then, I will develop a plan to correct the situation at the lowest cost.

This may require training your specialists in new technologies and tools, and, perhaps, building a new and more efficient structure within the company. In some cases, it will be enough just to point out the gaps that need an urgent filling or shifting the vector of applied efforts.

Because at some stage a mistake was made. And I can find it.

Each business is unique, therefore only individual marketing consulting will help to solve the problem quickly, efficiently, without loss of resources and relapses

Who else could it be for?

Any business deserves a marketing consultation from an experienced specialist. Marketing promotion on the Internet is a necessary condition for the rapid growth of sales and the development of a large client base. At the same time, it does not matter what sector of business it is. Companies working in the field of construction, cosmetics, fashion, education, manufacturing, etc. will receive positive results after the work done.

It is impossible to determine which area most needs quality consulting. There is no such gradation. The experience and knowledge of specialists allow us to solve complex tasks in the field of promotion, regardless of the business segment.

Anyone who wants to improve their results and take their business to a new level should go for services.

What will you get?

A comprehensive approach to building effective marketing will help you quickly generate and attract targeted traffic, effectively collect lead data and direct those leads through the sales funnel.

Marketing consulting involves the following operations:

  • comprehensive marketing strategy development;
  • market segmentation and marketing audit;
  • analysis of consumer preferences;
  • introduction of new sales channels, as well as improvement of existing ones;
  • development of a strategy for the effective launch of a brand on the market;
  • pricing system optimization;
  • improving the assortment policy.

After completing the described list of works, the client will begin to understand the essence of the marketing management process, learn how to independently promote his business. He will be able toautonomously improve the development strategy of his own business. Thanks to the knowledge gained, it will be possible to correctly distribute tasks within the company and draw up reports based on the work done.

There is an opportunity to order the whole range of strategic works for the marketing promotion of the company. A set of working tools will be selected on an individual basis, depending on the tasks set and the client’s requirements. Intellectual business support is an effective way to optimize the work of a company and its successful promotion on the market.

Let’s teach your marketing department to work effectively!


The results of our cooperation

Increase in an adequate return on investment 0

Increase in the visibility of your company 0

Keeping your business up to date with marketing trends 0

Increase in requests and calls 0

Increase in sales 0

Reduction in advertising campaign costs 0

Reduction in dependence on seasonal fluctuations 0

Reduction in the cost of getting a client 0

Result guarantee, contract

The terms of cooperation are clearly indicated in the contract. We don’t burden our clients with long-term contracts and fines.

  • You pay less if we don’t complete the agreed amount of work.
  • Refund of payment in case of failure to meet deadlines through our fault.
  • A clearly fixed price for the duration of the contract for development.

Step-by-step site development plan

  1. Marketing Research, Customer Avatar Research, Customer Needs.
  2. Customer Journey Compilation – Customer Path – How Client Finds Your Site and Which Path to Have Before Placing an Order.
  3. SITEMAP Compilation. Site map where all pages of the site and their links are defined.
  4. Prototyping. Defining the basic concept of the site and planning the layout of the elements on the page.
  5. Copywriting. Creating quality interesting to potential consumers content. Writing texts with key queries for additional traffic attraction.
  6. Design. External resource presentation corresponding with the company concept. Creating original graphic elements that encourage visitors to stay on the site and make a purchase.
  7. Layout. Create a code for every page to recognize a new resource by browsers.
  8. Programming. Implementation of important functional modules.
  9. Testing. Site performance, visual and functional features.
  10. Technical support. Assistance to the resource owner at any stage of cooperation.

You are guaranteed to get the best solution

  1. Individual design. We will emphasize the advantages of your brand through a competent unique design. We will ensure sales growth only through a competent approach to the design and content presentation.
  2. Safety standard. We advise on the security of the site in order to prevent problems and help to eliminate them if they arise.
  3. Continuous work. Using trusted servers provides an increased percentage of uptime (lower risk of site availability issues).
  4. Scalability. We focus on the potential growth of the site in the future, so further growth will not create problems and headaches for you.
  5. Modern technologies. We use innovative technologies to ensure that our client always receives a product that will outperform direct or indirect competitors’ products.

5 facts about iPapus Agency

  • No failures
    because in our practice there were no projects on which work would have been carried out and the results were completely failed, each project shows growth, which differs only in the area of the business, market conditions, work budget
  • Huge experience
    in solving the most difficult tasks and atypical situations due to the management of a large number of projects and the ability to ensure the result
  • Understanding algorithms and principles
    of search engines work, their filters and crawlers
  • Experience in resuscitation of lost causes
    and seemingly hopeless sites, for example, those that fall under the Google and other search systems filters
  • Professional team
    of 50+ highly qualified specialists with certificates

The founder of iPapus Agency is an experienced marketer and TOP SEO specialist according to one of the largest freelance exchanges Fl.ru. Our agency prioritizes customer sales growth indicators. Indeed, having received excellent results, you will want to continue working with us. We are interested in long-term cooperation.

Improving the business performance of our clients is an additional motivation to perform work only with high quality and responsibly. Our feature is an innovative approach to attracting new customers to your business.


We are result-focused

Our cases speak for themself



Package of works doesn't fit? We will make an individual one for your project, contact us!




  • Personal Consulting


  • Consulting on:

    • Your project ideas
    • Your site
    • SEO promotion in Google and other search systems
    • Google Ads
    • SMM Facebook
    • SMM Instagram
    • Target Facebook Ads
    • Target Instagram Ads




  • Personal Consulting

    (month includes 30 hours of counseling)

  • Consulting on:

    • Your project ideas
    • Your site
    • SEO promotion in Google and other search systems
    • Google Ads
    • SMM Facebook
    • SMM Instagram
    • Target Facebook Ads
    • Target Instagram Ads


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