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800 conversions of $ 1 for jewelry with an average bill of $ 500. Facebook target

800 conversions of $ 1 for jewelry with an average bill of $ 500. Facebook target - case iPapus Agency

The selling jewelry direction is quite relevant since the visualization of goods using demo banners is one of the most important elements in advertising. Therefore, first of all, we started preparing the visual part of advertising ads to reach cold audiences and further re-interaction using dynamic retargeting.
Project implementation process:

  • Setting up an ad account
  • Preparing the Buyer’s Mind Map
  • Preparation of strategies and offers for advertising campaigns
  • Preparation of creatives and texts
  • Setting up events on the site
  • Uploading a catalog with items
  • Collecting retarget audiences
  • Testing hypotheses, creatives, texts, audiences
  • Creating a retarget map, and launching advertising campaigns based on the strategy of repeated interactions

The main strategy was to build a sales funnel using a dynamic retarget with the following distribution of the advertising budget:

  • Cold audience reach – 30% of the ad budget
  • Catalog Sales – 40% of the ad budget
  • Dynamic retarget 30% of the ad budget

For more effective retargeting advertising campaigns, we have chosen the optimization goal “Add to cart”. Thus, we have collected 1832 “carts”, and with the help of sending notifications, as well as a dynamic retarget, we received a total of 527 sales, with an average check of $ 31.57, at $ 5.65 per sale

Also, as a result of our activities in social networks, the profiles began to yield additional results when the manager began to answer customer questions in direct and messenger.
Advertising campaigns were very popular with a discount offer for the holidays. These advertising campaigns showed the highest efficiency and return on advertising investments


Sales: 527
Average check: $ 31.57
Price per Sale: $ 5.65
Cost $ 2981.33
Profit: $ 16,640.72