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Instagram Facebook targeted advertising case for recruiting company, cost per lead ~ $ 0.6 with an average check of $ 200

Таргетированная реклама Instagram график 4

The topic of attracting employees using social networks is a very relevant and popular niche, regardless of the season and economic situation. Not every employee can stay in one workplace, and is in continuous search for better and better jobs.

With this information, we began to implement the project, having analyzed the interests of users, topics and competitors, identified a number of proposals that motivated users to leave their information most of all, already in the first month of cooperation, we found more than 100 people interested in working abroad, it is worth taking into account that wages and conditions did not differ much from competitors, and we actually worked in the middle of the market, which made the situation more difficult, but well within reach.
We focused on women as, in some ways, they are more inclined to move to other countries, and continue live there, which was the most important to us, this is the life cycle of such an employee, since the attraction was carried out with the help of a recruiting company, so it receives monthly payments for such workers.
Based on the problems of the audience, we prepared targeted creatives and offers for this direction, the conversion of which was very optimistic, on average, every 3 users who left an application, went through the further funnel to the next stage of preparing documents.

Results of advertising campaigns:

Leads received: 1846
Lead price: $0.68
Advertising budget: $1255.28
Clients attracted: 265
Cost per employee hired: $4.74
Average check: $200