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Targeted advertising for a furniture factory in B2B and B2C, a payback of 13.5 times with an advertising budget of $ 4000!

The collaboration took place within the implementation framework of advertising campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. We used 2 channels to attract customers, these are:

  • Attracting leads/requests, in Direct Instagram
  • Receiving orders from the site

At the start of the work, we had a well-designed profile and a website, which for a long time attracted customers from contextual advertising, which indicated its conversion and allowed us to conduct a more accurate forecast from advertising campaigns in social networks.

The main worry of buyers was the inability to assess visually the benefits of purchasing a particular sofa, table, or chair. To solve this problem, according to the sales funnel, we thought of a sales funnel, at one of the stages of which, the user was shown a video review of the sofa or table model from the Instagram profile.

It was the resolution of these worries that produced the greatest results when attracting buyers from cold audiences.
At the next stage, we analyzed all traffic sources and noticed that the making purchase decision period was from 7 to 14 days. Having compiled a retarget map based on this information, we prepared an offer with a retarget for audiences interacting with the site, as well as uploaded a catalog and set up a dynamic retargeting. Thus, having performed the full range of work, and optimizing the results to the minimum permissible.

During the period of cooperation, we achieved the following results:

Applications Received: 482
Cost of 1 lead: $ 8.31
Sales 180
Average bill ≈ $ 307
Spent on ad budget: $ 4,008.16
Profit: $ 55,367.43
The advertising payback is more than 13 times.