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Landing page conversion from Direct 87%

Контекстная реклама лендинга  - кейс iPapus Agency

Due to the competent development of the landing page by our team and clear screening of the audience, attracting the most targeted visitors, it was possible to add visitor conversions (who left the application) 87%.

What is done:

  1. Audit of past advertising campaigns.
  2. Technical requirement for error correction.
  3. Semantic core.
  4. The base of minus-keywords.
  5. Ad titles.
  6. Announcement texts.
  7. The account rating has been brought to the highest possible level.
  8. Analysis of topics, competitors with the highest visibility in the contextual search results.
  9. Google Analytics have been installed.
  10. Targets for tracking performance.
  11. UTM tags.
  12. System for managing rates depending on the season/the need for traffic from a particular AC.
  13. Additional cleaning of stop words based on the analysis of the data received from search systems.
  14. Site access control system.
  15. Technical requirement with a list of recommendations for increasing the conversion rate of landing pages.
  16. New campaigns on the display network.
  17. Graphic advertising campaigns.
  18. Retargeting ad campaigns.
  19. Disabled ineffective media sites.