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Developing the website of Europe’s leading crowdfunding platform ipo.one

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Website development for the leading European crowdfunding platform ipo.one. All graphics, all shapes, icons, infographics were developed from scratch.
According to the client’s requirements. Expanded technical requirements.

The development was carried out by our full plan of complex work, which ensures not only the implementation of the project but also its subsequent entry into the TOP position in Google and other search systems:

  1. Maximum semantics elaboration.
  2. UX research.
  3. Development of the site structure.
  4. Analysis of the target audience and the portrait of the client.
  5. Analysis of the client’s pain.
  6. Analysis of typical competitors’ pages for the presence of certain blocks, the formation of the optimal structure of each page.
  7. Analysis of the structure of competitors.
  8. Creation of a list of necessary blocks on the pages of the site, which will close all tasks of the client to ensure maximum conversion.
  9. Technical requirement for filling with text information.
  10. SEO technical requirement for website development.
  11. Website prototype development. UX.
  12. Development of design layouts. UI.
  13. Site layouts.
  14. Programming layouts and implementation of the functionality on the selected CMS system.
  15. Filling the site.
  16. SEO site optimization according to the technical requirement.
  17. API integration with a personal account.
  18. Checking the correctness of the technical requirement implementation.

The site is implemented on CMS WordPress.
The region of promotion is the whole world.