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SEO traffic growth in Google to 2700% in 6 months – World

ка с Google на 2700 % за 6 месяцев - Мир - кейс iPapus Agency
Рост SEO трафика с Google на 2700 % за 6 месяцев - Мир - кейс iPapus Agency

Project: prifinance english version

Prifinance – registration and servicing of the CIS companies and the whole world

Cooperation period: January 2021 – present time

Service: Complex SEO promotion of the English version of the site

Project work:

  1. Queries were collected and firstly cleaned, semantic kernel was grouped, URL pages were set up, a preliminary analysis of the possibility of adding new pages was done, queries were uploaded to the Allposition service for position monitoring;
  2. An internal optimization of the site content (editing of meta descriptions for optimized pages);
  3. Analysis and correction work was carried out on site errors in Google Webmasters;
  4. Competitors were analysed and platforms were selected for external link placement. Outreach work with webmasters was carried out and placing of links was made on platforms;
  5. Analysis and indexation work was carried out on links by Google Search Console;
  6. Generating monthly reports in the Allposition service;
  7. Purchase of external reference weight for better site ranking in search engines. Work on increasing a qualitative reference weight;
  8. Reputation management and monitoring of competitors’ external work.

Project analysis

The graph shows high traffic growth in search engine english version of the site in June 2021 (Image 1.)

Compared to May 2021, a growth in Google Search is + 2700 visits in June (Image 2.)

Compared to May 2021, a growth in Search is + 12 visits in June (Image 3.)

Growth of positions in Google english version (Image 4.)


SEO traffic growth in Google to 2700% in 6 months. There is a positive effect on the site for the period January – June 2021, which led to an increase of positions and traffic on the site in Google search engine.