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Decrease in the application price by 95% in 1 month, 2000+ leads for the purchase of a real estate in Turkey for $ 7

Decrease in the application price by 95% in 1 month, 2000+ leads for the purchase of a real estate in Turkey for $ 7 - case iPapus Agency

What is done:

  • Made up a mindmap for the project.
  • We made an audit of previously launched advertising campaigns.
  • Analyzed the target audience. We made the selection of the right target audience.
  • Picked up a promotion strategy.
  • We made 3 offers for advertising campaigns.
  • Wrote 3 advertising texts.
  • Configured advertising campaign cabinet.
  • Hypotheses are tested.
  • Tracked the advertising campaign effectiveness.
  • We identified the most suitable offers, target audience, creatives and texts.
  • Scaled advertising campaigns.
  • Launched an ad on a customer database retargeting audience.
  • We created look-alike audiences that we got from launched advertising campaigns.
  • Launched Advertising campaigns for a look-alike audience.

Conclusions and recommendations based on the results of the advertising campaign:

  1. Key performance indicators are improving every month, the price of a lead has decreased compared to the first month of work by 95%, compared to the second by 6%, although the budget was limited. With such a budget and with such a niche and product, these are very good results. Highlighted the main audience that interacts best with advertisements, this is an audience aged 25 to 65 years living in large cities, while it should be noted that great interest (number of leads) was shown by women aged 35 to 55 years, there is an error in + 1-2 years. Audiences 20-25 years old are less likely to interact with ads.
  2. It is necessary to carry tests with different audiences and placements, it is recommended to conduct targeted advertising to convert new real estate properties to the landing page, to identify the main qualities that will bring a high percentage of audience interactions with the ad. To do this, you need to create new creatives and try a new audience.
  3. It is necessary to test a look-alike audience only for large cities, try European countries. Since now a look-alike audience is giving a good result. You also need to determine the optimal daily budget (so that the cost of a lead does not increase and the number of leads is enough) for different ad groups, since the settings go wrong with sudden changes in the budget.


Leads: 3469
Price per lead: 2.80
Sales: 18
Average check: $ 48,000
Advertising Budget Amount: $ 9706.09