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839 leads in the first month of cooperation with an employment agency in Poland

839 лидов в первый месяц сотрудничества для агентства по трудоустройству в Польше

About the project: RE-CRUITER (re-cruiter.eu) – employment agency in Poland

Task: attracting new employees to open vacancies throughout Poland

What was done: the site needed to prepare to receive traffic, so we launched campaigns on the lead form. Advertising was launched in those cities of Poland where there were open vacancies. This made it possible to attract workers who could keep their residences the same.

The audience is quite broad since almost all vacancies did not require work experience, so we launched ads without using targeting interests.

In advertising creatives, we used photographs of people from similar enterprises where workers were required. We indicated the creative’s main requirements and working conditions to immediately provide basic information about the vacancy and reduce the number of applications left just to find out basic information about the vacancy.

Also, we pointed out the essential benefits that are important to people who plan to work:

  • housing from the employer;
  • opportunity to take advances;
  • the official registration and the possibility of extending or processing documents for residence in Poland.

Examples of ads:


839 leads

$0,99 cost per lead

$833 spent budget