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Social Media Advertising

Increasing the flow of clients from social networks on the day of the launch of the advertising campaign. You say how much you need - and we provide it. Contact us and take your individual plan!

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About service

In all modesty, we can say that we have one of the strongest targeted advertising teams in principle. At the moment, there are 10+ specialists, each of whom has experience in at least 50 projects in various niches and completely different budgets. The record budget of the advertising cabinet is 117,000 euros per month, and the record advertising ROI is 1600%. That’s why, believe me, if your direction of business can be launched on Facebook / Instagram through target, then we will do it 100% efficiently. Moreover, we will not take on the project if analytics and numbers show that the project will not be profitable in this direction, as opposed to other companies. Our task is to increase your profits, but not to receive payment for an obviously failed type of advertising.


Full audit of your previous advertising campaigns, if there are any. Correcting mistakes is the first step towards improvement. If you understand what is the reason for the failures, promotion on Facebook and Instagram will take place as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our specialists will complete a set of works to assess the quality of advertising used earlier, and will help eliminate the existing problems.

Target audience analysis

Detailed analysis of the target audience. The promotion will be carried out qualitatively through the elaboration of several aspects at once.

  • Variety of targeting. A social network is a huge flow of users who can potentially be interested in your product. During promotion, it is necessary to focus on the behavioral factors of users, their gender, age and geography. Different combinations will be worked out to get the best result.
  • Retargeting. For even more effective promotion, we will work with users who are already familiar with your product. We will remind the warm circle of all the benefits of the company’s work

Target audience segmentation

We segment your target audience in order to show ads to users with greater efficiency. We will conduct high-quality testing of selected user groups to increase sales. This will help you to create the right ads to reach a larger audience and attract clients.

Ads creation

We write ad texts that can attract a client, prepare graphic or video content. We design advertisements so that they are visible in comparison with other advertisements and attract more attention

Setup Analysis Tool

We set up all possible ways to monitor the further effectiveness of advertising: setting goals, tracking visitor behavior and collecting statistics

FB Pixel

An obligatory feature of an advertising campaign is the integration of your site (if we work with a site) with Facebook Pixel – the most powerful analysis tool


The results of our cooperation

Increase in an adequate return on investment 0

Increase in the visibility of your company 0

Keeping your business up to date with marketing trends 0

Increase in requests and calls 0

Increase in sales 0

Reduction in advertising campaign costs 0

Reduction in dependence on seasonal fluctuations 0

Reduction in the cost of getting a client 0

Principles of working with us

  • Each specialist is certified.
  • Transparent reviews from real people, study reviews on the largest exchange for remote workers FL.
  • Our clients earn more after starting to work with us.
  • We never promise what we cannot fulfill.
  • We strictly adhere to deadlines.
  • The priority for us is to increase the profit of your business.
  • Providing combo services to any country through SEO + Google Ads + SMM. It allows you to save money and cover important aspects that help attract visitors to the site and increase sales

Indicators of the results of cooperation

  • We define goals and objectives.
  • We calculate terms and resources.
  • The contract specifies the terms of cooperation.
  • You pay less if we do not complete the agreed scope of work.
  • Refunds in case of incorrect or untimely submission of a report on the work done.
  • Fixed price for the duration of the contract.

Results controls

An hour per month will be enough to control the work and the dynamics of the results.

  • Personal account with the ability to control online.
  • Opportunity to discuss results over the phone or online.
  • Monthly report, adapted to the perception of everyone.

Unlimited amount of work done

We will promote your resource in all respects at once.

Promotion on an unlimited number of requests and site pages

  • We eliminate shortcomings by our own specialists.
  • We do not limit the working time. All tasks are performed until the result is obtained.

An integrated and flexible approach to promotion

4 features of our approach to website promotion:

  • Complex work on the site, both in the technical and content parts.
  • Crowd links that not only promote the site, but increase brand awareness.
  • Placing links on trusted resources, giving transitions.
  • Content Marketing – getting customers by blogging on the site.


Our team members competently interact with each other.

It takes, as a rule, up to 6 months to raise 10-35% of key phrases in the TOP-10 of Google and other search systems. It will take 5-12 months to bring up to 80% of keywords in the TOP-10, depending on the level of competition in the topic and the position of the site.

We complete the main package of optimization work in the first months. Further, we redistribute the budget for promotion, focusing on the needs and priorities.

The main reasons for meeting deadlines:

  • Each team member is focused on getting results.
  • We have more than 10 years of experience, which allows us to solve problems in a short time.
  • All work is carried out according to a planned and tested methodology.
  • We only use the latest software to reduce the time required to complete tasks.

5 facts about iPapus Agency

  • No failures because in our practice there were no projects on which work would have been carried out and the results were completely failed, each project shows growth, which differs only in the area of the business, market conditions, work budget.
  • Huge experience in solving the most difficult tasks and atypical situations due to the management of a large number of projects and the ability to ensure the result.
  • Understanding algorithms and principles of search engines work, their filters and crawlers.
  • Experience in resuscitation of lost causes and seemingly hopeless sites, for example, those that fall under the Google and other search systems filters.
  • Professional team of 50+ highly qualified specialists with certificates.


We are result-focused

Our cases speak for themself


Get guaranteed results in the form of leads from social networks!

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