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Increasing the flow of clients from Google and other search systems on the day of the launch of the advertising campaign. You say how much you need - and we provide it. Contact us and take your individual plan!

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About service

We provide not only excellent results of advertising payback because of the correct goals setting (we ask you for information about what result you expect from advertising and for what period. Based on this we build an advertising campaign strategy and work plan), but also regular reporting with the frequency you need (for example, monthly or weekly), ongoing support from the manager, readable dynamic reports in Google Data Studio, general calls with a brainstorm, and much more.


Full audit of your previous advertising campaigns, if there are any. We will also analyze the contextual advertising of your competitors. First, no need to repeat mistakes when we can learn from them. And secondly, such an analysis will help us to identify weaknesses, strengthen them and adjust the advertising campaign better and more efficiently than our competitors.

Study of the target audience

Your ad should be shown only to those users who are interested in the product or service. Only with these settings you can ensure a high conversion rate. The wrong determination of the target audience in contextual advertising already at the start of the project can cause loss of your money. You will pay high cost per clicks, users will quickly leave a site they are not interested in, and your ranking positions will deteriorate.


The semantic core of the site is all the key phrases that users enter in the search to find products or services. Our task is to collect all such key queries, remove those that will have no effect. And then choose low-competitive keys from them, which will help to significantly reduce the cost of the targeted action and are more likely to recoup contextual advertising.

Usability testing

We test your usability, assess strengths and weaknesses, and take the best aspects from competitors. It is important to make sure that after a click, the client gets to the place he needs, he can quickly navigate and perform a conversion action with a minimal algorithm.

Ad texts and titles

Creating a clickable ad headline that put client on the hook is a special art. As well as writing ad texts that can attract a client and motivate him to take action. Our authors carefully work out the target audience and the product, making advertising as effective as possible.

Banner or snippet design

We design advertisements so that they stand out behind other advertisements and attract more attention

Returning clients

Perhaps your client has forgotten about his intentions, was distracted from the purchase, or decided to think. Remarketing is an effective tool for contextual advertising that, provided that it’s properly configured, allows you to remind the user of an unfinished purchase, return him to the site and push him to targeted action using banner ads.

Setting up analysis tools

We set up all possible ways to track the further effectiveness of advertising – setting goals, tracking visitor behavior and collecting statistics


The results of our cooperation

Increase in an adequate return on investment 0

Increase in the visibility of your company 0

Keeping your business up to date with marketing trends 0

Increase in requests and calls 0

Increase in sales 0

Reduction in advertising campaign costs 0

Reduction in dependence on seasonal fluctuations 0

Reduction in the cost of getting a client 0

Principles of working with us

For 12 years in digital marketing, our team has developed the principles of the most effective cooperation.

  • Each specialist, who works with your project and is engaged in setting up contextual advertising, is certified – for example, certificates for Google Analytics, Google Ads and other types of certificates.
  • Every business matters! We do not prioritize, we are not afraid of complex specifics and we rejoice at new challenges. Our task is to promote all clients’ projects equally effectively.
  • We support transparent reviews from real people, video reviews not recorded on a camera, reviews not written by our own copywriters, namely real reviews from real clients, so read the reviews about our work in Ivan Papus profile on the largest exchange FL.
  • We are proud that our clients earn more after starting to work with us, so study our cases, they speak for themselves.
  • We never promise what we cannot fulfill.
  • We strictly adhere to the deadlines, in case of violation of this clause of the contract, we return the money.
  • The priority for us is to increase the profit of your business, that’s why we advise you the best options for solving problem in each specific case.
  • We provide a combo service to achieve leadership in any niche and any country through SEO + Google Ads + SMM. It is an innovation in the promotion market, it allows you to save on costs and cover all important aspects that help attract targeted visitors to the site and increase sales.

Performance indicators of collaboration

  • At the initial stage, we define the goals and objectives that you set for us.
  • Next, we calculate the deadlines and necessary resources in order to obtain maximum results.
  • All terms and costs are supported by analytical data using real numbers collected from competitors – data from sites, social networks, advertising systems, search engines and others.
  • You pay less if we do not complete the agreed scope of work.
  • Refunds in case of failure to meet deadlines.
  • Refunds in case of incorrect or untimely submission of a report on the work accomplished.
  • A clearly fixed price for the duration of the contract.

Control of the obtained results

Responsibility for the quality and availability of reporting information.
1 hour per month is enough for you to fully control the work performed and the dynamics of results.

  • Personal account with the ability to control the dynamics of positions in the online mode
  • Opportunity to discuss results over the phone or online
  • Monthly reporting adapted for a comfortable perception
  • Control of completed tasks for each block of work
  • Personal manager ready to answer all your questions

Unlimited amount of work performed

Our task is to provide your site with a result, so we work on all fronts at once.
The advantage of our agency is the ability to carry out digital brand promotion in a full cycle. A staff of specialists from experienced designers and content makers to qualified testers allows you not to distract attention and not waste time getting different services from different contractors.

We will promote your resource in all vectors at once, that is, improving all indicators.

  • Promotion for an unlimited number of key queries and site pages.
  • On average, 8 times more work to promote a website for the same budget (compared to other online agencies on the market).
  • We eliminate flaws on the site by our specialists, and not just indicate what needs to be done.
  • We do not limit the time of promotion work. All tasks are performed until the result is obtained, the purpose of which is always the first positions of the site in the search engines Google and other systems.

A complex and flexible approach to promotion

We study your needs and tasks.

Contextual advertising is one of the most effective quick action tools that gives results instantly. But, maximum efficiency can be achieved only with a complex approach. In order for the client not only to follow the link, but also to take the necessary action (purchase, for example), the correct setting of the advertising company won’t be enough. It is necessary to ensure brand awareness, perform a comprehensive technical setup of the site, correct all errors and work on the content. Your site should sell intuitively. And we know how to do it!

Don’t forget that if Google Ads stops giving clients as soon as the budget is exhausted, SEO works out organic traffic, ensuring its continuous flow to the site.

4 features of our approach to complex optimization and promotion of your site:

  • Complex internal work on the site, both in the technical part and in terms of text and graphic content
  • Crowd links that not only promote your site, but increase brand awareness
  • Placement of trust links on verified sites, giving real user transitions
  • Content Marketing – getting customers through quality blogging on your site


We agree to the terms of service and will adhere to them unconditionally

Our team members competently interact with each other, so the process of complex website promotion is accelerated.

It takes, as a rule, up to 6 months to raise 10-35% of key phrases in the TOP-10 of Google and other search systems. It will take 5-12 months to bring up to 80% of keywords in the TOP-10, depending on the level of competition in the topic and the position of the site.

We complete the main package of optimization work in the first months. Further, we redistribute the budget for promotion, focusing on the needs and priorities in order to get the best results.

The main reasons for meeting deadlines:

  • Each team member is focused on getting results.
  • We have more than 10 years of experience, which allows us to solve problems in a short time.
  • All work is carried out according to a planned and tested methodology.
  • We only use the latest software to reduce the time required to complete tasks.

5 facts about iPapus Agency

  • No failures
    because in our practice there were no projects on which work would have been carried out and the results were completely failed, each project shows growth, which differs only in the area of the business, market conditions, work budget
  • Huge experience
    in solving the most difficult tasks and atypical situations due to the management of a large number of projects and the ability to ensure the result
  • Understanding algorithms and principles
    of search engines work, their filters and crawlers
  • Experience in resuscitation of lost causes
    and seemingly hopeless sites, for example, those that fall under the Google and other search systems filters
  • Professional team
    of 50+ highly qualified specialists with certificates


Our works

Our work and the success of our clients


Get a guaranteed result in sales through the site!

Contextual or targeted advertising (Google Ads) is a choice for those who need orders “for yesterday”, and good organic traffic has not yet formed.

This is an effective tool from Google Advertising, which allows you to address your offer of goods / services in a targeted manner to an interested audience. Search engines will show the ad to those users who are looking for something similar on the Internet or reading thematic resources.

But, such an advertising campaign may not work. It all depends on the quality of setting up contextual advertising and its timely optimization.

Google Ads

How we set up contextual advertising in our agency?

Cases show that the most effective is a complex approach:

  • Study of the target audience.
  • Selection of low-competitive key phrases.
  • Analysis of competitors’ ad campaign.
  • Using remarketing tools.
  • Setting up major and intermediate goals.
  • Selection of landing pages.
  • Selection of attractive headlines and ads.


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