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We make a unique design that sells. Ready project in 7 days!


5 main types of design
Express design
For 7 days, a unique professional design is developed based on the information you provide. There are no analogues in the price / quality ratio! It can be any kind of site - shop, Landing, etc.
Online store
Design of the finished professional tool for effective sales of your goods and services
Landing page
Design of a one-page website selling one product or service with the highest possible conversion into orders
Corporate website
Design of a solid and stylish website for your company to show potential customers detailed information about your business
Indywidualny projekt
Implementation of custom design web solutions of any complexity and size


Unique iPAPUS Offer
We have developed a unique offer, a kind of novelty. Especially for those who want to have a unique design with maximum selling properties, while not ready to pay the full cost for the development. The work package is based on our experience and 100% covers the needs of your business! Interesting?
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Pozycjonowanie strony WWW

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Tworzenie strony WWW

Tworzenie strony internetowej

Projektowanie strony internetowej

Reklama na Instagramie
Instagram targeting, $ 0.6 per lead

Skuteczna reklama na Instagramie i Facebooku
Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price from $ 0.03

Skuteczna reklama na Instagramie i Facebooku, kampanie reklamowe
Instagram / Facebook targeted advertising, lead price $ 0.04

Skuteczne promowanie na Facebooku, niskie ceny na kampanie reklamowe
Targeted Facebook / Instagram advertising, lead price 0.06 EURO

Reklama Google Adwords, optymalizacja

Kampanie reklamowe Google Ads

Optymalizacja kampanii Google Ads Atelie-lab

Skuteczna optymalizacja kampanii reklamowej Google Ads


At least 4 specialists become part of your team.
Kudryavtsev Vladimir Stanislavovich
Head of Design
UI/UX designer
Sergey Tsegelnikov
UI/UX designer
Victor Almakaev
UI/UX designer
Project Manager
Yushchenko Anna
2 years in SEO
Started her career in banking
Depending on the project and the task, such specialists as your project manager, web designer, illustrator, content manager, copywriter, and marketing specialist are at your disposal.
More about our specialists


6 steps
01 /
Marketing research, study avatar of the client, his needs
02 /
Compiling a Customer journey (client's path - how exactly the client will find your site and what path will he overcome before placing the order)
03 /
SITEMAP compilation. Sitemap, which defines all pages of the site and their links
04 /
05 /
06 /


Our experts are closely monitoring the development of modern technology

Examples of services and technologies used in the design development

CMS systems used for project development


We did it for you.


Main features of the product development
Individual design
We emphasize the advantages of your brand due to the competent unique design. We will ensure sales growth only through a competent approach to the design and delivery of content.
Safety standard
We advise on the security of the site to prevent problems and help eliminate them in case of appearance.
Smooth operation
The use of trusted servers provides an increased uptime percentage (lower risk of site availability problems).
The project is being developed taking into account the potential growth of the site in the future, thus, further growth will not create problems and headaches for you.
Modern technologies
We use innovative technologies to ensure that our client always receives a product that will outpace the products of direct or indirect competitors.


Briefly and in the case
No failures
as in our practice there were no projects on which work would be carried out and the result that the client initially wanted to receive was not achieved. If the client trusts us, we justify the trust
Huge experience
in solving the most difficult tasks and non-standard situations by maintaining a large number of projects and the ability to provide results
Lack of conveyor
The project receives enough time for specialists at all levels to ensure an individual approach and optimal implementation.
Experience of changing the project growth vector
only due to a new site with a competent redesign and content
Professional team
50+ highly qualified specialists with certificates corresponding to categories

They trust us

The largest companies in the market

Stop paying for the process

Where does emotional design begin

WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber

Call, write,
let's communicate, we will agree!

Design development begins with the question "who is your customer?".

In the process of answering this question, we collect information about him - who he is, how your product can be useful to him, what tasks of the user he solves.

We make a Customer journey.

We will use the example of an online children's clothing store (for your website and subject matter regardless of the type of site - the store, Landing-Page, corporate site, etc. will be implemented by analogy).

An example for clarity - online store for children's clothing / shoes

Identification of the main stages of the customer journey (the client's way):

The first thing to do is break your customers' path into starting points. The more points there are, the better. Their minimum should be 5-10.

  1. The client sees some product from other children, on the Internet in the photo or in some other place. At this moment there is a need and desire to learn about this product.
  2. Starts asking friends about this product or searching for examples on Google.
  3. He forgets about this product.
  4. Again, somewhere he sees the product and begins to want it.
  5. Looking for where to buy.
  6. Gets to the site.
  7. Finds a product card.
  8. Looks characteristics.
  9. Compares with competitors.
  10. Returns to your site.
  11. Leave a request.
  12. Call the manager.
  13. Payment.
  14. Delivery of goods.

Story about the product and your friends store.

These items may be even more.

Sitemap (Sitemap)

From the initial data of the customer a site map is compiled, in which all pages of the site and their links are determined.

Provided by the customer

  1. Brief
  2. Comments and suggestions.
  3. All available content - texts, photos, videos.

Does the designer

  1. Conducts research (from the brief presented analyzed sites of competitors).
  2. A site map is created - all possible links between pages.
  3. Based on the site map and previously collected information, Wireframes are drawn.
  4. After that, a prototype site is created. The prototype, which is often confused with Wireframe, is the middle point on the way to a high-quality image of the final product, which stimulates interaction with the user interface. At this stage, the UX interaction is being worked out.
    They should allow the user:
    a) To perceive the content and interaction with the interface
    b) To test the main interactions by analogy with the final product
  5. The next stage in the development is the creation of Mockup.
    Mockup is the middle point on the path to a highly accurate, static design image.
  6. Based on all the work done, a full-fledged UI concept is created with a fully thought-out interface that meets all current trends and trends, encouraging users to have positive interaction experiences, positive emotions, as well as solving specific problems facing the WEB resource.

Emotional design

“Emotional Design” is not just a pretty design. Cute design is already an axiom. The most important thing for us is that good design stands up to criticism and evokes emotions and, more importantly, influences someone’s life.

Good design sells

Good design is a design that excites, sells and perpetuates. We always want to be remembered for products and designs that will be highly appreciated and that solve problems. Every project produced by the studio should be a cause of pride and desire.

Good design solves the problem

For us, a good design is a design that gives the best (intelligent and thoughtful) solution to the problem.

Good design is design that works

We are sure that good design is important because it just works. Indeed, everything is so simple. Fewer headaches from trying to understand the design.


The exact cost of the work can be determined only in the case of the availability of basic data, so we specify the minimum prices from which you can build on to understand.
FROM $100
Express design
(From $ 50 using a ready-made adaptive design template)
FROM $500
Online store
(From $ 250 when using a ready-made adaptive design template)
FROM $200
Landing page
(From $ 100 when using a ready-made adaptive design template)
FROM $300
Corporate website
(From $ 150 using a ready-made responsive design template)
FROM $500
Indywidualny projekt
(From $ 250 when using a ready-made adaptive design template)


The importance of quality design for the site

Previously, fashionable sites were those that looked bright, colorful, with dense animations and multi-style fonts. Today, web design is a special kind of art, including certain categories of aesthetics. The great importance of this approach can be described in four main aspects.

  • Aesthetic beauty and style.
    Design is one of the main components of the site, as it represents a company, brand or individual. Today, the trend is simplicity and minimalism, so the design may not necessarily be bright and catchy. The main thing is that it conforms to the corporate style and image of the company. It's nice to work with a beautiful site, and users with stronger trust and respectability will treat it. A good and stylish design primarily speaks of respect for users and love for their work.
  • The company must keep up with the times.
    If your site is functioning and profitable, but not developing, it needs to be constantly updated. The world of design is changeable, like the world of fashion. Each year, new technologies and trends appear in the design of the site and the delivery of information. Using them, you will not lag behind competitors
  • User friendly.
    For each user, the site should be useful. Indeed, on the Internet they are looking for the necessary information, buying goods and ordering services. Orientation on the site pages is very important for the visitor. For example, online stores often use a multi-level catalog with a filter system. Thus, this allows you to select the required product, get acquainted with its description, find out the price and complete the order. Proper Internet navigation increases the seriousness of the site’s views, and the chances of keeping the user on the page. Therefore, the quality of the resource in the eyes of search engines is increasing, which is sure to appear on the positions in the SERP.
  • Conversion growth.
    When creating a website design, a group of so-called CTA elements is used. STA - (translation from English Call To Action) is a call to action. These elements gently force the user to perform some action, and not only purchase. This may be an indirect offer that will benefit you in the future. For example, subscribing to news and promotions, receiving discounts and other offers, etc. Skillful implementation of CTA elements will help turn website users into buyers and subscribers. Design is the most important component of the site. It affects users, motivates them to familiarize themselves with the range and content of the site. Design development is hard work, time-consuming.

Creating a website - who needs it?

  • Startups Companies and organizations that have just entered the labor market and require the delivery of information about their product or services to the target audience. There is a need to order a site.
  • To manufacturers. Companies that have introduced the product to the market and want to tell and advertise about the already created product.
  • Companies that have long existed in the market, with a history that has already been created, and who want to grow and increase profits, at the same time they realize that it is necessary to change along with the market.
  • Everyone who wants to increase profits and understand that the virtual world is a serious sales market and is developing at lightning speed, occupying the first positions in the global market.

Why do I need to order a website design?

  • Advertising platform. Tell us information about your product, services, and services that will attract the attention of potential customers.
  • Online presence. Spread market insights with online tools.
  • Creating a positive image. Create a rapidly recognizable brand of a modernized company.
  • Create and send welcome messages in order to encourage new Instagram users to subscribe to your profile.


Our works leave no one indifferent
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