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Target advertising: wedding salon, B2B and B2C segments, $4.5 per lead with an average cost of $500

Target advertising: wedding salon, B2B and B2C segments, $4.5 per lead with an average cost of $500 - case iPapus Agency

Projects that are entertaining in nature are always well suited for social networks. One of such areas is wedding services, with proper preparation for advertising campaigns. It is important to have a sufficient number of photo and video materials prepared specifically for this area.
Starting to implement an advertising campaign for this project, we had a sufficient understanding of all the possibilities in this area, and how many might think that demand is rather limited, and you need to guess very much from the moment the advertisement is displayed. But we were convinced of the opposite: with a competent construction strategy, clients make a decision with the choice of organizing a wedding within 7 days. Communication plays an important role in this case. After attracting a potential client from the site, or Instagram profile, it is necessary to correctly process this application, to meet and talk.
In our case, there were no communication problems and people were happy to go to such meetings, after which they had a pleasant impression and the deal was closed very quickly.
For advertising campaigns, we chose an outstanding design and communication strategy, noting that competitors in all their advertising campaigns used very trivial and frankly “hackneyed” design, and thereby, completely changing the idea of ​​the traditional format, we implemented advertising campaigns.

In addition, for this project, we implemented retargeting advertising campaigns, due to the long decision-making time for a wedding for some clients, determining that our target audience could interact with us during the last 90 days.

Results of advertising campaigns:

Leads: 992
Price per lead: $2.58
Orders: 306
Price per client: $8.36
Total Cost: $2,560.97