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Targeted Facebook ads for printing services, Ukraine, price per lead $ 2.73 with an average bill of $ 78

Targeted advertising for printing services.
Printing wedding invitations

The project work was started exactly before the season start for this business. Together with clients, we developed the site structure and content to achieve the best conversion.
The best solution for this niche was to develop a website builder where clients can assemble their invitation designs.

After the site preparing, and launching the first advertising campaigns, the first 25 applications from clients were received for $ 4.68. The main goal was to reduce the application cost to the minimum.

After collecting a large number of applications, we collected enough data for retargeting advertising campaigns and LAL audiences. After analyzing and drafting a program for re-engagement audiences, the results were much cheaper. Considering that at the time of receiving applications for $ 3.25, this is exactly the goal the client set for us, decided to improve the results, finalized advertising creatives, and introduced free shipping, for those who showed themselves as a potential buyer but did not leave a request, at the expense of which finalized most of the audiences.

During the period of cooperation, we achieved the following results:

Applications Received: 763
Cost of 1 lead: $ 2.73
Sales: 606
Average bill ≈ $ 78
Spent on ad budget: $ 2,091.78
Profit: 47 462 $
The advertising payback is more than 22 times.