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/ Company Policy on Personal Data Processing

Company Policy on Personal Data Processing

Your privacy is very important to us. We want your work on the Internet to be as pleasant and useful as possible, and you have completely calmly used a wide range of information, tools, and opportunities offered by the Internet.
The Members’ personal information collected upon registration (or at any other time) is primarily used to prepare Products or Services according to your needs. Your information will not be transferred or sold to third parties.

What data are collected on the website?

You send your e-mail and website address via the form when you voluntarily register for the report

For what purpose are these data collected?

Your e-mail is needed to send you reports, and your site address is for analysis.
Your data are not transferred to third parties under any circumstances, except in the case of compliance with legal requirements. Your data are stored on secure servers and used according to its privacy policy.
You can refuse to receive reports and remove your contact details from the database at any time, informing us of this in any way.

How are these data used?

The ipapus.com site uses Cookies and Google Analytics visitors.
With the help of these data, information is collected about the actions of visitors to the site with the aim of improving its content, improving the functionality of the site, and, as a consequence, creating quality content and services for visitors.
You can change your browser settings at any time so that your browser will block all cookies or notify you that you are sending them. Please note that some functions and services will not work properly.

How are these data protected?

We use a variety of administrative, managerial, and technical security measures to protect your personal information. Our Company adheres to various international control standards aimed at dealing with personal information, which include certain controls to protect information collected on the Internet.
Our employees are trained to understand and implement these controls, and they are familiar with our Privacy Notice, rules, and instructions.
However, even though we strive to secure your personal information, you too must take measures to protect it.
We strongly recommend that you take all possible precautions during your stay on the Internet. Our services and websites provide protection against leakage, unauthorized use, and alteration of information that we control. While we are doing everything we can to ensure the integrity and security of our network and systems, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will prevent illegal access to this information by hackers from outside organizations.
If you change this privacy policy, you will be able to read about these changes on this page or, in special cases, receive an e-mail notification.
To contact the site administrator with any questions, you can write to e-mail: info@ipapus.com