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600% increase in SEO visibility in 4 months, 150% increase in sales

SEO продвижение сайта по производству и продаже автоматических камер хранения багажа - кейс iPapus Agency

Smartlockers.pl is a company for the production and sale of automatic luggage storage: it is popular in tourist cities, especially in their central areas (locker rooms, storage rooms), on beaches, at festivals, at bus and train stations, at airports, in shops, supermarkets, and shopping centers, hotels, ski resorts and ice arenas, water parks, spa, entertainment centers.
Cooperation period: December 2020 – March 2021.
Service: one-time internal optimization.

Project work

  1. Requests were collected, initially cleaned, grouped the SC file, URL pages were set, a preliminary analysis of the possibility of adding new pages was made, requests were uploaded to monitor positions in the Allposition service;
  2. Work has been done to analyze and correct website errors in Google Webmasters and other search systems;
  3. Formation of monthly reports in the Allposition service;
  4. Site Content Internal optimization (writing texts, meta descriptions).

Project analytics

To constantly monitor the dynamics of the main indicators of the site, we use the position monitoring system Allpositions.ru.
As a result of updating positions on the smartlockers.pl website, we observe an increase in positions after internal website optimization since December 2021. (Pic. 1.)


Increased visibility of the site in SEO by 600% in 4 months, increased sales by 150%. We observe the positive effect on the site as a whole from December to March 2021, which has led to an increase in the site’s position in the Google search engine.

BEFORE our work, the site had:

  • 0 traffic from search
  • 8 keys in the TOP – 10 Google

AFTER our work, the site has:

  • 700 traffic/month from search
  • 34 keys in the TOP – 10 Google