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Price reduction for a lead by 49% in 3 weeks, a brand of Italian wristwatches. Target Instagram, Facebook

Price reduction for a lead by 49% in 3 weeks, a brand of Italian wristwatches. Target Instagram, Facebook - case iPapus Agency

The topic of selling watches using targeted advertising is quite relevant. It is directly related to the product visualization possibility, as well as to the principles of optimization of algorithms, in addition to this, we must not forget about the possibilities of retarget advertising campaigns, which show the highest efficiency in comparison with the coverage of cold audiences.
In our case, the brand of watches that we promoted was a line of 70 models. In view of this, we additionally used the capabilities of the catalog, and dynamic retargeting advertising campaigns, which, in practice, shows good efficiency in warming up the audience and initial acquaintance with the product.
First of all, when starting work with a project, we define a work plan, which includes

  • Setting up an advertising account/business manager
  • Preparation of the Mind map of the project, analysis of the target audience
  • Preparing proposals for audiences
  • Setting up Facebook Pixel and tracking events
  • Competitor analysis
  • Photo and video banners preparation
  • Preparation of texts for advertisements
  • Launch of advertising campaigns

In this project, we paid the most attention to video creatives. Thanks to high-quality video clips, it was possible to create effective dynamic banners, which, almost from the first test, showed a result of $ 6.91 per lead. This meant that there was a minimum working model and it needed to be improved. Looking ahead, we can say that we managed to improve more than 2 times and get stable results at $ 3.34 per lead.
For the implementation of this project, the quality of the provided leads also played an important role in the implementation of the project. We evaluated this indicator in the form of conversion, in a specially created conversion tracking file, this is necessary for the correct display of information on the return on advertising investments.

The final results for the first month of cooperation look like this:

Leads: 1616
Cost of 1 lead: $ 3.34
Price for 1 sale: $ 4.57
Sales: 1179
Profit: $ 50,590.89
Total ad budget costs: $ 5413.18