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Targeted advertising for an alcohol delivery service in Moscow

Таргетированная реклама для сервиса доставки алкоголя по Москве - кейс iPapus Agency

Working with gray themes is one of our specific areas. The delivery is not prohibited, but the alcohol sale is prohibited. Having warned the client in advance about all possible risks, we started to work on this project.
First of all, we prepared several advertising accounts so that in case of blocking, we did not waste time preparing new advertising accounts. Further, the full cycle of our work was carried out, namely:

  • Setting up an advertising account/business manager
  • Preparation of the Mind map of the project, the target audience analysis
  • Preparing proposals for audiences
  • Setting up Facebook Pixel and tracking events
  • Competitor analysis
  • Photo and video banners preparation
  • Preparation of texts for advertisements
  • Launch of advertising campaigns

This list of tasks is absolutely necessary for implementation, before starting the actual work, namely setting up advertising campaigns and testing hypotheses.
Already in the first week, after the launch of advertising campaigns, we conducted most of the required audiences, creatives, and hypotheses testing. Having chosen the most effective among them, the next step was to scale up already successful advertising campaigns, and not lose efficiency, which there were still some problems in the first days of advertising campaigns, after passing the optimization period. It did not mean the learning phase, since, with the current advertising budget, it was possible to achieve optimization of the algorithms with the aim of optimizing lower, but in our experience, optimization of 50 conversions per week would not always really improve the results, so we did not implement this idea.
When scaling advertising campaigns, we noticed that the best efficiency is shown by advertising campaigns configured for a certain area of ​​Moscow, which we used in our additional creatives for advertising campaigns.
Having compiled a retarget map, we collected an audience of regular customers, since, in addition to targeted advertising, there were still a large number of other traffic sources, then we collected a rather interesting retarget map with a large amount of initial data. As a result, these advertising campaigns showed the cheapest price per customer.

Summing up the results of the first month, we got the following results:

Leads received: 372
Purchases from leads: 288
Cost of 1 lead: $ 2.35
Online sales: 188
Sales price per website: $ 3.15
Website sales revenue: $ 6,861.68
Average purchase order on the website: $ 36.50
Sales from leads: $ 7,044.48
The average check per lead: $ 24.46
Total Revenue: $ 13,906.16
Advertising budget: $ 876.87
The advertising payback is more than 15 times.