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Author: Papus Ivan

Руководитель Иван Папусь
Ivan Papus

Total SEO traffic of clients’ sites over 1 billion unique visitors.
Over the past year, increased customer sales by an average of 140%.
Record growth of a client’s commercial site 20 times or 2000% in 1 year up to 500,000 visitors per
month with SEO.
Landing page growth in SEO – 281 keys in TOP-3, 386 in TOP-10 Google.
Experience of raising website without backlinks in the TOP 5 the keyword frequency of 12.7 million
impressions per month.
Clients from 28 countries of the world.
30,000 hours of SEO practice.
The leading expert in the rating of the largest freelance website fl.ru.
Over 270 confirmed customer reviews.
Head of DIGITAL agency ipapus.com.
For 12 years brought to the TOP Google more than 2000 websites.
Among the clients are Leroy Merlin, Sletat.ru, MYUZ, DNS, ru-mi.com, Rondell, Express-office, Megaplan, Fundament Group of companies and others.
Awarded on LOB19 at the Palace of Sports in Kiev.

Personal blog https://www.instagram.com/ipapusofficial/.
Member of the National Guild of Freelancers.