Yandex will update the auto strategy in Direct

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Yandex pleased all its users with news about updating auto strategies in Yandex.Direct. The first thing I want to note is ease of use and maximum work efficiency. What exactly will change in August and how this will affect us, read on.

What will change in the settings of similar strategies?

Now it will become much easier to choose an auto strategy, because they will be united according to one common feature. You just need to select the parameter you want to optimize and all available optimization methods will be collected in one place. And this applies to conversions, clicks and average profitability. Therefore, Conversion Optimization will consist of a Weekly Budget: Maximum Conversions and Average Conversion Price. “Click Optimization” will combine in itself – “Average click price”, “Weekly budget: maximum clicks” and “Weekly package of clicks”. But do not worry, all the settings remain the same, so there is no need to re-learn the functionality.

Yandex will update the auto strategy in Direct

Network Budget

From August, the network setting will go into the manual control section with optimization. Now in manual mode it is possible:

  • restrain your spending within the specified value;
  • set a search bid higher than the network.

But I want to note that for those companies that use the manual option of setting the maximum network bid as a percentage of the search, separate management will be included:


where A is the rate in the network

b – search bid

c – network bid adjustment value

Yandex will update the auto strategy in Direct

Attribution Model Selection

This innovation will appear in September. Thus, when editing a strategy, it will be possible to select an attribution model. Now, the selected type of transition will affect the operation of the mathematical algorithm. Which in turn will be determined as the source of the visit. For those users who regularly use the settings, these changes will not come as a surprise, since they will be sent letters with detailed instructions.

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