Yandex search engine – history, figures, facts

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Anyone who has at least once surfed on the Internet, knows firsthand about Yandex. Perhaps you found this article using this search engine. Today it is a leading and multi-functional platform that offers not only search, but also other related and autonomous services, such as Yandex.Money,, Metrica and so on.

Yandex search engine – history, figures, facts

The history of the platform is an example of how you can believe in your product and work without investment “for an idea” to reach Olympus. Few people know that after its creation, the future giant did not attract potential investors even demonstrating its capabilities, and its co-co-worker Arkady Volozh had to abandon a large and profitable business in order to work for several years with a completely non-profitable project that almost no one believed in.

How it happened and what the search engine managed to achieve today – read on in our article.

So, Yandex was officially introduced in 1997, although the first PC hard drive search program was written back in 93.

Why did users like her?

The thing is that Runet developed in such leaps that existing and popular at that time Aport and Rambler (remember them yet?) Could not cope with requests. But the creators of Yandex immediately bet on Russian morphology. The search was more accurate and much more convenient, quickly learned to display natural queries, and after becoming the default Internet Explorer, other platforms did not have a single chance.

Yandex search engine - history, figures, facts


Yandex is the fifth search engine in the ranking of processed requests in the world (more than three billion in 11 years).

According to official ratings, is in 17th place in mine and in first place in the Russian Federation.


Yandex owes its name to its developers Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich. This word has meaning both in Russian – the Language Index and in English (Yet Another Indexer is a comic version, which means – the next indexer or another indexer).


We have already mentioned the creators of the service. It is enough to add that Volozh was engaged more in finance and project promotion, and Segalovich – in technology and developments of the direction.


Of course, the main bet of the system has always been made on the search engine, but during its existence the brand has presented us with more than two hundred other products from Map and Mail, ending with the administration of sites, an online settlement and savings system. Money. Today the company employs about 4,000 employees.

Benefits has a huge range of website ranking factors. Its main algorithm is TIC (thematic citation index). Google has it PageRank.

These search engines, we can say, have divided the Internet among themselves. If Google is an international search, then the morphology of the Russian-language search definitely wins against Yandex.

In Russia, the share of requests that accounts for is about 70%, while is constantly trying to increase its share, having only 26% of the market. Interestingly, the nearest countries with a Russian-speaking population (for example, Belarus) have the opposite picture. We can say that this search engine is a phenomenon of Russia.

Yandex search engine - history, figures, facts


This is all of course good, but everyone is always interested in the revenue side. Where does the money come from and why is the Y story a success story?

The main resource is contextual advertising (Service. Direct), as well as media advertising, placement in the Catalog and Yandex.Market.

There are also paid advanced applications for B2B and regular users.

The project did not stand still for a single day, which is worthy of respect. They constantly introduce interesting innovations, test new products and try to offer users interesting products. If your business is targeted at a Russian-speaking audience, you definitely need to promote your site, taking into account the requirements and ranking conditions of YNDX. Do not know how? We are always ready to help. Ask for a consultation and in a month your resource will be on the first page of inquiries!

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