Yandex.Metrica began to support the JSON LD markup type

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Now metric content reports support markup that complies with the JSON LD standard from

If your web resource already complies with Microdata and reports have been running according to this standard since launch, then don’t worry – you won’t need to make any changes. All your information will continue to be correctly collected and displayed. In case there is a desire to change the JSON-LD standards, then change the markup type in your counter sets (they are located near the “Content analytics” subsection.

Now you can analyze the markup by its settings using the tools from the console of your browser. To do this, you can use the function to check it.

Yandex.Metrica began to support the JSON LD markup type

To make a reconciliation you need:

  • Activate the button “Content analytics” at the counter in the settings.
  • Add _ym_debug with the selected value 1 to the url. For example: http://
    example .com/?_ym_debug=1.
  • Click update.
  • Activate the browser console.
  • Go to the Publisher content info found section, where the values will be displayed, which will be replaced for each attribute.

We remind you that before this, the updated auto-update functionality, an animated list of top articles by popularity and quick search appeared in content reports.

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