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This is the Yandex Advertising Network Tool (YAN), which allows you to instantly increase site traffic. In regular advertising, you pay for the fact of its demonstration – a video on TV, text on a banner, etc. Yandex Direct operates differently.

The essence of contextual advertising

This system works very simply:

  • a set of queries is selected that are most likely to meet the goals of the business;
  • an ad is formed for each of them, including a link to a section of a web resource;
  • targeting is configured – the display conditions to the user who typed the request in the search engine;
  • as soon as a person matching the parameters specified in the settings has typed such a question, the PS shows the block with the sentence.
  • If necessary, you can configure retargeting – the client was already on the site, but the action did not complete. Then your proposal “catches up” it – an effective way to remind yourself.

The main plus is showing only the target audience. A network user will see a block of text or a banner only when he has entered a request. This means that he is ready to make a purchase, order, call. This approach makes CR the most effective today. She brings you a “hot” customer. It is also distinguished by:

  • breadth of settings (targeting) – the ability to specify the individual characteristics of users, the region up to the city, the time the advertisement was displayed
  • visual statistics – the reports show where the transition was from, time, cost of the visitor, etc .;
  • pay per click only – impression is not paid, only visiting the landing page;
  • instant action – the first results of a well-tuned campaign appear within a few hours;
  • flexible change in the settings of already running ads and quick response of the system.

In addition, we will give recommendations on what work on the site should be carried out in order to keep the client.

Yandex Direct Advertising

How to succeed

Like any tool, Direct requires skill. Yandex itself provides help, initial calculations and word selection, but without skills, the first launch will be just a training one – most likely you will lose money without achieving a result. Experience does not come immediately – you need to try different niches and scales in order to understand the features of launch and maintenance.

If you are a busy person, a business owner – do not experiment with finances, they are never superfluous. Turn to those who really understand the nuances of YAN, know how it works.

iPapus Agency has been engaged in advertising campaigns for several years. We know:

  • how to understand what the target audience needs;
  • conduct a business analysis and ultimately formulate a correct marketing strategy;
  • Pick up business-relevant queries that will lead thousands of customers
  • write such an announcement that you cannot help but click on it;
  • choose a strategy of the optimal combination of “price / result”, correctly allocate the budget;
  • indicate the correct goals;
  • daily control rates to control costs and stay within the budget;
  • adjust metrics in such a way that the parameter estimation is as much as possible consistent with reality;
  • to compile a report from statistics in which everything is clear even to an uninformed person.

In experienced hands, Direct becomes the very “golden shovel” that makes a profit.

Yandex Direct Advertising

Yandex Direct Advertising Cost

The budget for the campaign is flexible. It depends on the capabilities of the customer, who decides how much he is willing to spend. But effectiveness is achieved, starting with certain amounts, which are determined:

  • commercial sphere;
  • level of competition;
  • the direction is an online store, a site of services, etc .;
  • your expectations.

For each case, there is a minimum from which it makes sense to launch a contextual campaign. You can learn it at the first consultation, which is provided absolutely free of charge.

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