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Entering a business on the Internet is a logical decision, because people have not opened newspapers for a long time, preferring to search for services and goods on the network. With the advent of smartphones, the era of offline advertising is gradually becoming a thing of the past. The easiest way to catch a “hot” customer who is ready to buy here and now is with contextual advertising Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords (Ads). These two tools help drive traffic through the most popular search engines.

What is contextual advertising?

It appears in the form of advertising links and modules in the issue on top positions, on sites. Represents text or graphics. The problem is that in general marketing so “loads” a person offline and online that the term “advertising deafness” appeared. It’s very difficult to catch a glimpse – billboards, posters, rollers roll on TV, passing by people — we just stop noticing. Huge streams of information make the eyes and brain disconnect from excess information noise.

The context in this regard is in winning positions, as it helps to focus at the right time and exactly the visitor who, in principle, is ready to buy. Its targeting and flexible toolkit allow you not to spray the budget on the whole mass of users, but to choose “your”.


If you compare the capabilities of Direct and Adwords, the first gives the entrepreneur more formats. But in general, the principle of operation is the same – auction. In most cases, the fee is not charged for display (such as on television or in print in periodicals), but for a person’s transfer to the advertiser’s website. This system was introduced to Yandex in 2018, before that part of the marketing blocks were demonstrated with payment.

When selecting an ad, the algorithm proceeds from two indicators:

  • CTR (click-through rate) – performance coefficient, which means a percentage of the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions. It is calculated on the basis of statistical data by the search engine program.
  • Cost per click. The higher the ceteris paribus, the higher the issuing position and the greater the likelihood of a demonstration in general.

In various variations there are nuances of tuning and budgeting, therefore it is better to trust the launch and conduct of the campaign to a specialist who has accumulated sufficient experience in various commercial niches. He knows what results this or that approach will give.

Novice directors often choose automatic configuration, but this is the wrong approach, resulting in loss of finance and lack of effectiveness. To use automation, you need to understand in detail how context works, to know all its schemes.

Yandex contextual advertising


Direct offers entrepreneurs options “for all occasions” – image, traffic, profitable.

On search

Attracts buyers willing to make an acquisition. The text (graphics can not be taken) is displayed on the first and last three places of the main page of the search engine. A person types a question and presses the “Find” button. At this moment, an auction is held, and 6 winners are displayed with the corresponding mark. Phenomenally, but most users do not pay attention to it and do not understand that this is a paid show. Therefore, clickability is unusually high.

Based on matching requests – what the person asked and what were set in the settings. This is called the semantic core. Its detailing is extremely important – because this is a factor that is decisive when choosing an advertiser as a lot. The collection of semantics is carried out for a long time and deliberately, with the introduction of refinement operators and negative keywords. Otherwise, the link will be displayed to non-target users. For example, the “iPhone” key can mean buying, selling, reviewing, repairing, and more. The more accurately key phrases are selected, the more effect the advertising campaign will bring.

At partner sites

The Yandex advertising network includes many strictly selected portals that are partners. Most often, the remarketing principle is used here – to “catch up” with your visitor. For example, a person visited an online store and looked at products of one category. Retarget allows you to display these products later, recalling an open purchase.

Google also has such a technology, but they are more loyal to the selection of partners. Complaints about low-quality resources are often heard. The domestic search engine acts tougher, exposing strict selection rules. Since this is a way to monetize the site, then the creators of the sites achieve really excellent quality – they inspire confidence and attract people with useful information.

Yandex contextual advertising

Image ads that display a unique selling point are acceptable here. This makes them more noticeable and attractive, although the percentage of clickability will be lower than in the option described above. Look for creativity, animation, bright contrasting colors. For beginners, various templates are offered.

Search Banners

If the previously described methodologies are used to attract traffic and increase profits, then this is a great way to organize image promotion. Branding is necessary for those who plan to enter the market of large players. Most consumers are slaves to their habits. Accustomed to Adidas sneakers, they will refuse to even look in the direction of Reebok. A promoted brand starts selling for you. As an example, let us recall the outputs of the new iPhone models. People take turns and leave pre-orders for six months, not because it is a super-smartphone. This is a status, an indicator of success – this is exactly the result that brand development has brought.

Banners appear on the right side of the Yandex main window and have a graphic design. It is important to make it catchy, attractive, evocative. The short text is a catchy slogan, memorable and impressive. Professional PR managers cope with such work.

Smart banners

Paid for transitions. Designed for online stores, as they provide the opportunity to advertise a large number of product positions. Descriptions are uploaded to the configuration service in the form of csv or xml files, they store a set of characteristics for each product. The marketer creates the headline and enters the settings. The rest is done by the Direct algorithm.

Display campaign

Last remaining pay-per-post format, not click. Also used to shape the image. They help increase reach and provide brand recognition. Can be configured for those visitors who have not yet seen the banner. The audience is targeted by gender, age, behavior, interests, solvency.

Dynamic ads

An ideal way to automate the marketing of online stores with a huge selection of products. In the tools, the URL of the resource or sections is indicated, a typical marketing block is created. The program, depending on the request, substitutes the name of the product and forms a post. Thus, hundreds of USPs can be covered.

Display on the main

New in 2019, is in beta testing. Paid publication of banner blocks on the first page of the search engine.

Performance Assessment Methods

Yandex offers entrepreneurs three sets of specific numerical indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing.

  • ad performance: CTR, conversion, impressions and clicks;
  • site metrics: targeted conversions, conversions, behavioral parameters;
  • return on business: average transaction amount, ROI, income, profit.

It is tracked in the Direct interface and in the “Metric”. Another convenience of the Kyrgyz Republic from Yandex is the complete interaction of all services. UTM tags are also actively used.

General launch approaches

Despite the difference in methodologies and formats, a number of steps should be taken before starting a context.

  • Goal setting. It is necessary to clearly define what you expect from marketing – increasing profits, expanding your customer base, branding, etc. Based on this information, you can already choose the type and strategy.
  • Analysis of the target audience. For most campaigns, this factor is crucial during configuration. The configuration asks you to clearly indicate the gender, age, geography, time of withdrawal, etc. In order not to be mistaken, you need to draw up a detailed portrait of a typical customer in advance – who they are, how they live, what they are interested in when they make purchases.
  • The semantic core. Each post in the first two types is built on the basis of questions. It is the relevant answer to them that helps “close the pain” of your client. In the algorithm, this translates into the publication of an advertisement to someone who is ready to come and buy.
  • Targeting. If the second step was done efficiently and in detail, then there will be no problems and hitches.
  • Clustering ads. They are grouped according to the principle of the closest queries. In the auction, one is selected. Further analytics help you choose the most successful and adjust the settings.
  • Writing text and creating graphics. The most important stage when you need to write such a selling proposal in a limited number of words. This is done by professional copywriters – masters of the language. The design is also thought out in detail.
  • A selection of add-ons. Yandex aims to “clean” the Internet from low-quality resources, focused on people. You can add 4 links to useful pages (contacts, discounts, reviews) and a brief description of the offer to the regular link. This improves clickability because it provides informational choices.

What the errors lead to

To financial losses. There are a lot of lessons on the Internet, including from the developer. But no theory can describe the dynamics of change, depending on the commercial niche, competitiveness. It is enough to enter the market of one player with a huge budget so that all plans collapse.

That is why self-study is a time-consuming process that requires large investments. As long as enough experience is accumulated, no results are expected. If you think your time is expensive, it will become a major contributor to losses. Doing online marketing is a time-consuming process that requires tremendous attention and effort. You need to know the analytics, to understand the specific forms of reporting. So, if you are focused on the result, we recommend that you contact experienced directory managers.

Offer from IPapus Agency

We have been engaged in the comprehensive promotion and optimization of sites for 10 years. Our team includes certified directors with extensive experience. We will help launch advertising, organize its maintenance and correction based on analytics. Set up the primary parameters, add extensions, create a reporting system.

The introduction of A / B testing technology will help to adjust the process when various parameters are set for similar launches. We will conduct it quickly and will be able to use the results to the maximum benefit. To find out the cost of services, contact the manager or fill out the form. Detailed information about your business will help you calculate your budget. Often it has some minimal value, we will tell you the best option. The first consultation is always free. Sound the goal, and we will show you the cheapest and fastest ways to achieve it.

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