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Any kind of activity associated with close communication with people is fraught with their possible displeasure. All satisfied, by definition, can not be. In the good old days, such situations were limited to being recorded in the Book of Complaints. Nowadays, you can express your opinion almost everywhere.

For some reason, bad reviews appear on the Internet?

Having access to social networks, blogs, forums and other resources allows a person to express their subjective opinion. As a rule, this is done when it is not possible to get a response from you. We draw conclusions that it is very important to react in time to each client appeal.

Three types of negative content reviews

In some cases, writing has nothing to do with real buyers. Some of these comments are nothing more than provocation by a competing party or standard trolling.


These publications are not difficult to track. They have a specific description of the current situation, which is very easy to verify in practice.

Black pr

In the fakes, you will not find any specifics, for example, names, exact dates, digital indicators. The author is usually published under a nickname and does not indicate his personal data, including contacts. He does not need feedback. The main task – to harm your reputation. Often here you can observe and comparison between your product and the same, but with a competitive resource. With that, in favor of the latter.

Работа с негативными отзывами в интернете


In principle, it is even easier to understand. Reviews are a provocation for a surge of emotions. There are no facts and specifics. Usually a troll clings to a minor detail, but masterfully it creates a global scale problem. Often, the whole story is pure fiction disguised as reality.

How to deal with this type of comments

  1. In the case when constructiveness is observed and a real problem situation emerges, you need to admit your own mistake and fix everything. Read the written and note the facts indicated by the client. If necessary, specify this or that information regarding what the client did not like. Be sure to sort out the reasons.
  2. In an interview with the buyer, communicate on an equal footing. Answer must be discreetly and politely. Otherwise, your situation will deteriorate even more, and with it the reputation will suffer, which is unacceptable.
  3. Provided that you actually made a mistake, apologize. Do not forget to offer the buyer solutions to the problem, for example, to replace a defective product, to provide a lower cost, and so on.
  4. Re-read the answer, check your literacy. Remove any emotion. There must be facts in your message. The person must understand the essence immediately.
Работа с негативными отзывами в интернете

What not to do

Do not leave any review in a negative way without attention. Upset, and even ignored the client approximately, like a time bomb.

Are you sure this is a setup? Ask the author to prove his case, and in this case you will readily solve the problem. In the absence of an answer, you have the opportunity to ask moderators to delete this text on the basis of art. 152 article of the Civil Code.

Never remove comments from real people, although they are not flattering. You can not make excuses and get out.

Forget about emotions. Do not be rude, do not learn, refrain from objections.

Misty, vague wording, clericals try to exclude.

What to do you already know. Remember that to panic in any case is not worth it. Even a negative appeal has its positive sides. This is a real chance to improve, to eliminate all the existing shortcomings. If you immediately respond and correct the situation, you will return not only this client, but also get new ones.

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