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Why you need a mobile version of the site and how it contributes to the promotion

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Today, Internet users are increasingly moving to mobile traffic and use their smartphones to search for information and shop online. The share of mobile Internet is more than half of requests. Therefore, it is difficult to underestimate the need to create a mobile version to promote your website. Recently, Google introduced the mobile-first indexing algorithm into its work system. Yandex is also working in this direction, so sites with a mobile version are ranked first, in case the user uses a search from a tablet or phone.

But, of course, any version of a mobile site is not enough, just like a regular site – correct resource optimization is also important here. Next, we describe three simple steps that will help you to attract the traffic of smartphone users.

1. A thorough audit of the existing version

You need to test your mobile site for usability and performance. The results will be the main focus on which you will continue to work. It is necessary to eliminate both the design flaws and the technical flaws of the version. For example, Flash technology has long been outdated due to resource intensity, and is not relevant even for the desktop versions, they don’t even speak about mobile. You should also make sure that search robots see and understand the information as well as from the main version of the site. It is not superfluous to check the display on the main browsers and the top manufacturers of smartphones. In practice, there were such serious punctures, such as, for example, when the “buy” button was not displayed on the mobile version.

Зачем нужна мобильная версия сайта и как она способствует продвижению

2. We improve convenience and design

A simple and intuitive interface in tandem with a well-designed design is half the success of any resource. The speed of finding the right information or product, as well as the speed of interaction, are analyzers of users’ behavioral factors or usability. The average time spent on the site, transitions in sections, the frequency of failures and returns to the search page are very important indicators for Yandex and Google. Systems strictly fix a bad user experience and no longer offer such sites high in search.

So, you need to find and remove the following design flaws in the mobile version:

  • Non-adaptive layout of the site (it is not suitable for the sizes and resolutions of gadgets of different types and models).
  • Too much content.
  • Links and interface elements are very close.
  • Pages nested too deep.
  • For consideration of individual elements need to increase them further.

Usability should be as positive as possible. The simplicity, clarity, accessibility and consistency of the interface create a positive user experience. This will necessarily lead to an improvement in conversion rate.

3. Reduce the number of failures

he percentage of failures in the process of using the mobile version of the site is much higher than from a computer or laptop. Efforts to reduce this indicator are the main tool for promotion. There are a lot of reasons that force users to end the session and not go further than the first page. They are often individual, but in our practice – most often they are more than one on each site.

Зачем нужна мобильная версия сайта и как она способствует продвижению

We invite you to work on the following issues:

  • Optimize site speed. The speed of loading the page is always highly appreciated by search engines. According to statistics, about half of users do not wait for the page to load, and return back to the issue to go to the next link in the search.
  • Work through the navigation. The menu should be simplified as much as possible: it should be clear, concise and large enough to hit the finger on its individual elements the first time.
  • Remove unnecessary content. The screen of the smartphone has a small size and with its help it is not convenient to view large volumes of content. Ensure the quality of the display information. As we mentioned above – it is important to check how the content is displayed on different gadgets, whether the size is attached, whether key elements are shown.
  • Remove the windows that pop up. According to statistics, even on stationary computers, they are very annoying to users, and through mobile – they simply interfere with using the site. This is not like not only the majority of users, but also search engines. Google, for example, lowers in the ranking those sites where pop-up windows cover a third and more content.

If you add to this list the correction of those problems that have become obvious after an individual audit of your mobile version, then the height of their issuance will increase significantly.

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