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Why SEO-specialist does not give an accurate forecast at the start?

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When forming a proposal, analysis of diverse data sets is initially carried out. Taking into account the information received, the approximate period of getting into the TOP and, accordingly, the predicted traffic is determined. The keys in this case are “approximate” and “predictable”.

Sometimes the results are observed much earlier than it was stated at the very beginning. But there is another situation when external factors or internal ones do not allow achieving a previously defined goal. Unfortunately, this cannot always be foreseen. That is what we will discuss in our article.

The competence of a person engaged in SEO-promotion, its performance, mainly evaluated by several parameters:

  • the number of visitors attracted to the resource;
  • the number of completed orders, possibly other requests;
  • the timing of reaching the leading position in the issuance of Google and Yandex search engines for individual requests;
  • speed in achieving goals (predicted or set).

As a rule, the contractor demonstrates the most accurate forecasts in its business proposal, which may interest the customer (potential client).

But even a super-professional optimizer with the most extensive experience will not give you guarantees for the absolute coincidence of your plans with reality.

Search filters

Search engines can, for two reasons (of all), impose sanctions. This is the use of “black” methods (unsuccessful) and technical errors that were made at the time of developing the site or making changes.

The first. This is a consequence of the work is not very faithful or just inexperienced optimizer. The reason is too many keywords on the resource pages. Also, the provoking factor can be links of poor quality and cheating, the so-called behavioral factors.

The second. Processing the structure, dramatically changing the design, updating the content in the absence of an SEO specialist. At independently held events, significant mistakes could be made. As an example, you can call the indexing of content (test), which is in its raw form and is not yet ready to be shown to search engines. In this case, the resource may fall under the label “poor quality”, which will adversely affect its display in the system.

The problem is as follows. It is not always so easy to understand that sanctions are imposed on the site. But even after receiving this information and eliminating all shortcomings, it is extremely difficult to know at what point the restrictions will cease to apply. Yandex does not give a definite answer. As for Google, in our country there is no technical support.

Discrepancies with the initial assumptions can be in the good and in the bad side. Low rates are observed if the master had no opportunity to learn about the punishments. On the other hand, if the existing problems were discovered before the start of work and were eliminated in time, the end result would far exceed the one that was expected.

Internal hidden problems of the Internet resource

The analysis carried out at the initial stage cannot help in identifying existing shortcomings that negatively affect promotion. In fact, there is an impressive list of factors that affect the indicators. A person who only plans his further actions does not have access to all the information he is interested in. But to predict the development of events with maximum accuracy. He needs a history of the development and subsequent development of this very object. This includes several items. The site was originally created on the same domain and were there others before it? For what reason, and how was it changed? Was there a promotion before? What did the specialists do up to this point?

The prolonged procedure for the approval of the edits

Even if there are no technical limitations, the edits can sometimes take quite a long time. Most of the customers are never interested in the code. But they are not indifferent to the external indicator, the style and content of the texts, the functionality. Obstacles on both sides appear. Usually there is a long discussion, consideration of proposals and the owner of the site, and the artist, which change many times. Open eyes to problems and unresolved issues, of course, there are moments of misunderstanding between the parties, the waiting period, the so-called feedback. Thus, it takes time that was scheduled for other tasks, which leads to slower progress.

Understanding how quickly this stage will be completed is very difficult. Experts cannot know how many edits will have to be made, and how feedback will be organized promptly.

Why SEO-specialist does not give an accurate forecast at the start?

Indexing changes: execution speed

A good professional optimizer with a lot of experience can predict what the effect will be from certain changes. But even he will not take responsibility for setting the exact date for achieving the result.

The activity of robots (indexing) depends largely on a huge number of factors that are not always known to the master and are not always amenable to control from his side. Consequently, it is only possible to predict the time cost of bypassing the resource after making corrective information and displaying it in the search results; a 100% guarantee cannot be given either.

Priority is given to news portals and those that regularly update content. Commercial robots are generally less expensive. That is, at the initial stage of work, it will not be possible to make an accurate forecast, only an approximate one, even when all special measures are taken to accelerate indexation.

Search engines: change of algorithms

Search engines have one main task – the definition of portals that most accurately reflect a user request. To do this, robots have to constantly view the issue. They change the location of the site, as this requires a real moment.

There is no clear interpretation for most queries. Depending on the needs of the person, the essence may change. Search engines have to guess what is needed so that the answer is satisfactory. In Yandex, a technology called “Spectrum”. She assigns words to a certain category and determines issuance on their basis. The algorithm is not perfect. Sometimes categories are given incorrectly, and this affects the ranking.

Commercial portals have their own minus of entangled requests – in the case of them, the issuance is made up mainly of these information and news sites. To predict its changes is almost unreal.

There are two ways out: to actively fight for securing the status quo or correct the set, which includes keywords. Again, these are edits that are time consuming.

Unexpected fluctuations in the demand segment

There are predicted changes that are associated with seasonality, and unpredictable, sudden. This may be the answer to some news, a resonant event, the abrupt appearance of a new trend, a change of them. All events in such a situation are not subject to logical explanation. Everyone remembers how, after an epidemic was announced in the news, they began to buy masks in pharmacies. Another example bordering on complete incomprehension is the spinner exit. After him, neocube salesmen lost a lot of revenue.

The main thing to understand is that the efforts made by an SEO specialist do not always play a decisive role and there is no sense in demanding the impossible. Business people, of course, know that the element of chance has not been canceled. All can not be controlled. Well, a really good optimizer will not give false hopes at the start.

Почему SEO-специалист не дает точного прогноза на старте?

Competitor Measures

The business proposal is usually placed forecast, which is based on the issuance of a search engine in the format of the current time. Look into the future and get acquainted with what will provide competing sites, it will not work with all the desire, as well as predict the behavior of search engines. Each individual search engine responds in its own way to the edits made, and this is a completely different story, which should be stated in a separate review. The emergence of a new player will add even more confusion.

Based on the behavior of other resource owners, yours can either go up to a higher level than expected, or go down below what was planned. An already well-known duality is seen. The task of specialists is more likely not the accuracy of forecasting, but the readiness of a quick response to a changed situation.

The described factors in the amount of seven pieces are the main reasons that the indicators in the proposal itself and the reality are not always compatible. Of course, it is important to clearly identify goals, strategic developments, and preliminary results. A professional at any time will be able to accurately explain for what reason progress has accelerated or slowed down and, together with you, will find the best solution to the issues.

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