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Why don’t they go to the site from mobile: 19 common mistakes

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    The number of users visiting certain sites from mobile devices is steadily growing every day. It is for this reason that mobile sites should be constantly optimized. Econsultancy compiled a list of the most common problems that need to be finalized. So, why do not you come from a mobile?

    Почему на сайт не заходят с мобильного: 19 распространенных ошибок
    1. You have no mobile site at all. The computer version is great, however, modern trends should be taken into account and keep up with the times in order to attract your target audience;
    2. Lack of optimization. In the event that the mobile version of the site for some reason could not accommodate all the options, you must leave the visitor the opportunity to access the desktop version. At the same time, you should avoid a sudden switch from one version to another without a user command;
    3. Low page loading speed. Time is the most valuable resource and nobody wants to waste it, especially if there is a specific goal. Especially important speed should be for online stores that can lose a buyer who did not wait. It is necessary to try and remove everything that prevents quickly open the page;
    4. Defective redirects, directing the client to the wrong place, choosing a specific option. Very often it happens that by clicking on any of the items, the visitor suddenly turns out not to be on the page that interests him, but in the main menu. Does he want to follow other links that are presented there;
    5. Redirects leading to non-existent pages waste the visitor’s time. What is the chance to visit again? If some page of your site is deleted for some reason, take the trouble to redo the main menu so that the button that leads to it no longer exists;
    6. No landing page optimization. If you want your site to come from a mobile device, adapt it for them. This applies to both mailers and announcements, the transition to which is made by reading a QR code;
    7. Pop-up windows, annoying computer users, visitors calling to you via a smartphone, will stop any desire to stay on the page or re-enter it. Often this window takes up the entire screen and closes the content, and closing it is not such an easy task. It is much easier to return to the search engine and choose some other site;
    8. Imposing applications. Pop-up windows with the proposal to download the application – not the best way to promote it and increase the number of visits to the site. If the user needs an application, he will download it without a suggestion. If he comes to the site, then that is exactly what is needed at the moment. Such offers only scare away;
    9. A scrolling menu that closes only after clicking on the “cross” or the “ready” button is not the best idea for a mobile version of the site, because on a small smartphone screen, getting to a small point can be quite difficult;
    10. The video indicated in the mobile version does not play. Most often, the mobile version is a significantly cropped copy of the desktop and many functions in the process of this reduction are lost;
    11. Inconvenient links. If there are links on your site, they should stand out from the rest of the text and be placed at a sufficient distance so that the visitor does not accidentally click on what was originally intended;
    12. Too small or unreadable text. The fact that it is difficult to see on the computer monitor on a smartphone is not readable at all without an additional approximation. It certainly needs to be taken into account and make the text contrast and large enough so that it is easy to read;
    13. No button to call. The visitor who has come to you from the phone is more likely to become your client if he can dial your number in one click. To do this, add a bright button “Call manager” or a working link with a phone number;
    14. Inconvenient menu format. If a hungry visitor enters the site of a restaurant or cafe, he hardly wants to spend time reading the menu in pdf format. A colorful menu with photos of dishes and other information will be much more attractive. When a person is hungry, he wants to see food, not read about it;
    15. Lack of payment methods. The more payment methods the store offers, the more likely the purchase. Entering the number of your card manually, even with high-quality optimization, is extremely inconvenient, therefore, for example, Amazon, offers to copy the number from a previous purchase. Also, it will not be superfluous to add the possibility of payment using electronic currency;
    16. Disadvantages when placing an order. This procedure should be as simple and convenient as possible. The transfer to the desktop version at any stage of registration can sow doubts from the buyer and the order will fail;
    17. The severity of data entry rules. If there are any rules, they should be clear to the visitor in order to avoid misunderstandings when the site gives an error, without explaining exactly what is wrong. This is what happens when a site asks, for example, an index that can be entered in several ways, but must be entered according to a specific template. For convenience, it is worth placing special tips next to the windows;
    18. Inconvenient search for addresses of shops, which seems to be there, but their use is difficult to impossibly. Placing any additional function, you should take care to use it comfortably;
    19. Terrible ad format, for example, clogging the upper half of the screen with a killer combination of ads and not particularly useful information. It says something like the following: “there is a mass of advertising and nothing interesting.”
    Почему на сайт не заходят с мобильного: 19 распространенных ошибок

    The more carefully you treat the development of your site, its content and the creation of a mobile version, the more carefully you optimize the created resource, the more likely it will be to use it and the number of visits will increase.

    Почему на сайт не заходят с мобильного: 19 распространенных ошибок
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