To date, many businesses in the country have already been able to appreciate the merits of online website promotion. First of all, this is possible due to the relative cheapness of such promotion, compared with teaser or contextual advertising, as well as promotion on Facebook, Instagram and using price aggregators. In addition, the results of SEO promotion will lead to a certain flow of visitors to the page, even after some time, and methods such as contextual advertising, will cease to give effect immediately after turning off. We propose to consider the details of what is the CEO, and what else you need to know about this before contacting the professionals from the agency.

Что нужно знать о SEO продвижении

SEO (from English Search Engine Optimization translates as search optimization) refers to a set of activities that are carried out both on websites (we are talking about technical procedures, adjusting site content and layout) and outside of it (this is working with external links, creating guest-related content) so that it meets the requirements of search engines.

In our territory, the most popular search engine is considered to be Google. Therefore, in the article we will consider the factors contributing to the rapid promotion in the top positions in this search engine and attracting visitors to the resource pages.

Is it possible to get into the top Google without referring to the CEO?

The algorithms of this search engine are constantly evolving and becoming more complex. For example, since 2011, an algorithm called Panda has been functioning and has undergone updates, and since 2012, it is Penguin. Requirements for the quality of the work of Google are steadily expanding, so employees of online agencies are engaged in publishing new tips on promoting search engines.

The development of the search engine is due to the rapid increase in the number of sites, commercial pages for online stores and start-up sites. New Internet resources are becoming competitors for those that exist at the moment.

However, beginners often do not pay enough attention to SEO promotion, and therefore cannot objectively evaluate the actual competitive level in the search results.

What question arises for those who own commercial websites, above all? This is a question about the likelihood of his promotion in issuing a Google search without additional work in the field of SEO.

Что нужно знать о SEO продвижении

Is promotion possible without SEO?

Filtering sites by search engine for a number of characteristics and setting Google’s own quality requirements is not a secret to anyone. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the standards of the search engine, if you will talk about promotion.

Experienced specialists in the field of CEO, as a rule, are familiar with all the conditions (their list includes more than two hundred positions), the observance of which raises the pages to the top search results. To determine what should be the first step for optimization, as well as what will be included in the promotion strategy, they are engaged in a technical audit of a web resource.

The list of conditions can be combined into several general blocks:

  • Technical component. This block includes work on eliminating errors that exist in the code, as well as eliminating duplicate website pages, increasing the speed of operation, measures to increase the availability of the mobile version, correction of the structure, etc.
  • The formation of the semantic core. This is the job of creating a list of key requests matching the content of the site that is being promoted.
  • The number and quality level of filling pages. That content is the basis for the promotion of a web resource. Algorithms of search engines are primarily focused on the textual component, however, in 2018 an increase in demand for images, video and sound content is noted. Your site materials must be unique, useful and interesting to visitors.
  • Usability. This concept means the simplicity of the interface and ease of use of the site, including commercial, for example, an online store. Pages may look original and interesting at first glance, but their complexity repels users.

In each of the above blocks, there are a number of tasks that the SEO specialist can solve as part of search engine optimization. Significant results will become possible only if all the conditions of the four blocks described here are met. In a nasty situation, you can’t hope that your site will fall into the top of the list.

Что нужно знать о SEO продвижении

Proper promotion of Internet resources allows you to attract a huge number of visitors. However, an illiterate approach, on the contrary, can alienate your proposals, even if, in essence, they are quite interesting. In the current circumstances, users are accustomed to ordering goods where there is a simpler interface, the site is faster, which means it promotes trust.

Features self-promotion

The opportunity for self-promotion worries many businessmen. Those entrepreneurs who are just beginning to engage in site promotion, often think about the likelihood of independent work in this area. That is why courses and blogs on this subject are popular among them, since they want to learn a complex of knowledge from many sources at once.

In fact, the basic points in SEO can be considered accessible to the vast majority. Search engine optimization is quite a complex area, and therefore, even if you walk through what is called “at the top”, you will still be able to navigate well.

If you are interested in how you can independently promote an online store or other commercial resource, you can simply answer one question for yourself – are you ready to work steadily on your SEO and spend time every day on search engine optimization and site promotion activities? Remember that a CEO is also a job, and it is associated with certain difficulties. Of course, for a start you will need to get acquainted with an extensive theory, as well as make an effort to practice. Achieving the goal will become available only after overcoming a variety of obstacles and eliminating errors. At the same time for training you will use your own commercial resource. Think, are you ready to experiment with your business project and be responsible for the results?

Therefore, when choosing a method of promotion – independent work or professional assistance, it is necessary to consider: getting experience is always expensive. Remember that low promotion costs are fraught with increased risk.

However, business owners are still advised to try to explore what constitutes SEO. This is important in order to competently negotiate with the staff of agencies, the formation of the main tasks and determine the price of events for their solution. This conclusion comes the majority of entrepreneurs across the country who have already tried to save on promotion and have made some characteristic mistakes. In terms of strategy, free promotion is really expensive.

If you consider the development of a business project to be more important than an independent website optimization as such, order search engine optimization and promotion of a commercial resource from professionals or take an SEO professional into your staff for ongoing collaboration. Note that the latter option is less costly and takes a little time to search. But cooperation with an Internet agency does not have such a risk. How does Google search function?

Before you go to promote your site, try to learn the basics of Google yourself. As mentioned above, the knowledge in the field of CEO is guaranteed to be useful to every entrepreneur at different stages of promotion.

Что нужно знать о SEO продвижении

For ranking links in Google, the PageRank algorithm is used, the value of which for an arbitrary page (let’s call it B), is calculated as follows:

  • Let T1, … Tⁿ are the pages that refer to page A. With this algorithm, the dumping coefficient is applied – denoted by d. His mark is in the range from zero to one, as a rule, this level is 0.85. The function C (T) equals the number of links that emanate from page T. In this case, the PageRank mark for page A, PR (A) will reach:
Что нужно знать о SEO продвижении
  • Mark PageRank is a random variable, the sum of which will be equal to one for all pages. The last time PageRank was updated for the toolbar is more than five years ago. After Google started slowly the process of removing information about the rating of pages, because they decided to minimize the display of the algorithm on the toolbar.

What is the essence of the algorithm PageRank? In simple terms, for each page of your site assign a specific rating mark from zero to ten. It is impossible to determine exactly how it is formed, since the company keeps this information secret. Experts in the field of CEO talk about certain patterns that become clear in the process of promotion of web resources. Relevant information can be found on special blogs, in thematic literature and reports at seminars, conferences and other events for professionals in this field.

It is known that, in accordance with the algorithm, all pages are divided ratings with the pages to which they have links. Thus, pages can receive a rating in addition due to the fact that those whose reputation is more impressive will refer to them.

The goal of Google’s search engine is to find new web resources, systematize the information received and monitor changes on sites in order to form a ranking ranking. However, the tasks do not end there. In addition, the search engine checks:

  • Reputation pages.
  • Prescription domain used.
  • The numbers of references are incoming and outgoing.
  • Compliance filling sites with phrases that are requested by users of the system.
  • The quality level of the text component, as well as how unique it is.
  • The presence of technical errors.
  • Download speeds
  • Available versions for mobile.

This is not to say that this list is complete. An exceptionally comprehensive approach will allow you to quickly promote the site and raise its position in the issue.

Features promotion of online stores in 2018

There are a number of factors that affect the promotion of commercial sites. We suggest you analyze specifically those that are important for bringing the store’s website to the top of search results in 2018:

  • Increase mobile users. This is a popular trend that has developed over the past few years. Traffic from mobile devices has long broken all records. For Google in particular, it is important whether the web resource is displayed correctly from a mobile phone.
  • The importance of local Internet resources. The use of artificial intelligence technologies in the training of search robots contribute to the fact that they predict user intentions. For example, Google is able to understand that if you entered the request “pizza”, then we are most likely talking about its delivery to your home address, and not the recipe for self-preparation. So, take into account the location of a potential customer: in the issuance of a search engine you can see pages with the nearest pizza delivery points.
  • Local business has an advantage in the promotion of web resources at the moment. For example, if previously it was necessary to dial the query “cosmetologist Kiev”, then today it is enough just to enter “cosmetologist” and you will see the address of the nearest specialist.
  • Factor customer behavior. For the search engine, it is still important that the title and descriptor match on all pages, the content loads quickly, the resource structure is literate, and the store usability is at the level. Therefore, behavioral factors this year remain significant.
  • Blocks containing answers. At the moment, the search engine is improving this moment. To set it up, prepare high-quality content, and still do not neglect the markup on the pages.
  • Increase reference weight. To promote commercial resources use this factor. It has already been said above why links from more reputable pages matter for your resource. Remember that now in the process of scanning by search engine robots they also take into account the factor of user behavior: is this link appropriate, will they follow it, and how much has it already been done. For the analysis of these nuances apply a map of clicks.
  • The number of voice requests. Their number is steadily increasing. In accordance with the information from Google, every fifth search query is carried out in this way. Despite the lack of popularity in our country, it is only a matter of time, and therefore it is impossible not to pay attention at the moment.

What is the difference of web-resources promotion using CEO?

Promotion has a number of features that are familiar to professionals with experience. Fans know only what can be gleaned from well-known sources, and experts are aware of the hidden difficulties. One of the most significant characteristics of a CEO is that his rules are impermanent. Let’s try to highlight several groups of such features:

  • Solving technical problems. These are server and code settings, speed of action. Often, developers are not aware of these nuances, and therefore will have to work on correcting the site.
  • Usability It is simplicity and convenience for the user. One of the key questions for CEO specialists is to conduct a check to this effect, in order to provide the owner with advice on how to improve the situation.
  • Filling the site. The issue of content matters absolutely for any site. Semantic core allows you to identify a strategy for promoting and writing content with keywords. The uniqueness and quality of filling the pages not only attracts the flow of users, but also creates a certain reputation of the enterprise.
  • Authority. Position in the TOP and the availability of external links are important for resources. Pay attention to such a direction as writing publications for other sites (as guest articles and texts), as well as the mention of partner resources, user feedback collections, etc.

In order to more deeply understand what is involved in the work of an expert in the field of SEO, we recommend reading the subject literature and blogs. If you do not want to do this, we advise you to turn to professionals from an online agency.

Что нужно знать о SEO продвижении

Keyword features

For those who are interested in the sphere of resource promotion, the concept of keywords is familiar. Key requests – this is the foundation that allows the search engine to “understand” the content of the pages. Some time ago, practicing filling sites simply by listing from such requests, separated by commas. However, at the moment, this method is referred to as spam, for which Google itself “punishes” with sanctions.

Key words should be placed in publications in such a way that they do not irritate and repeat too often. The text should not be excessively dry, but there should not be a lot of water in it either – that is, it is important to keep a balance between the meaning and the ease of perception.

Promoting sites as a leader in search engine issuance involves not only increasing the flow of users of a resource, but attracting a specific group – Central Asia. Exploring the choice of keywords allows you to respond to changes in the market, anticipate fluctuations in demand and work on the formation of content that can interest the customer (and hence the Google system).

How to correctly select an SEO contractor?

You can say that this problem is relevant for all owners of business projects. If you are reading a review up to this minute, then you already know what SEO means, for which you are promoting websites in Google, and whether you need to order promotion in agencies. It is necessary to decide on how to choose a company that can be trusted in the promotion of its own commercial resource?

When choosing an agency engaged in SEO, compare the cost of services, and also pay attention to:

  1. Can I order one service or set of events? The most profitable to buy immediately comprehensive promotion. Extremely rarely the effect brings only one event, but its price may exceed the whole range of services.
  2. Is there experience in carrying out CEO work? If the resource is new, be patient and keep in mind that promotion requires attachments. In a situation where the site has been operating for several years, there is an effect and you just need to correct it (slightly), the rates will be several times smaller.
  3. How many years have the specialists from the agency been working and are they taking a certain position in the market? Experience, as already mentioned, has one of the highest priority values. The more years of the company, the higher the cost, and the risk will be reduced. Browse case studies to get acquainted with the company. The presence of examples of promotion of commercial sites demonstrates how professional professionals are. In addition, you can look at the methods used and the amount of investment in promotion.
  4. What is the location of the office? Pay attention to where the office is located. For example, if employees of an Internet agency are located in the capital, the cost of services will be higher than in any other locality in Ukraine. The price of the services provided includes the cost of renting office space and higher salaries of employees. A definite advantage can only be called the probability of visiting the office. However, today most of the CEOs of firms are working remotely.
  5. The presence in the company of your individual manager. Communication with a personal specialist makes the workflow easier. Communication in a stable online mode is the ability to quickly understand what is happening in a given second, to understand the concepts that experts use. In this situation, it is not necessary to “translate” the terms from the reports in order to understand what the money spent on promotion in a specific period.

As you can see, there are quite a few significant criteria. When choosing an online agency, never take your time, as these professionals you trust the reputation and the fate of your business project.

Common mistakes for customers

What mistakes can be called the most characteristic for the vast majority of customers? Read our rating further:

  • Hope for the fastest possible effect. This error is the most common. Despite the fact that they talk a lot about this, one way or another, entrepreneurs want to see in a short time how rapidly the user flow is increasing. They can not stop even the use of sanctions due to aggressive promotion.
  • Ignoring CEO audit. A number of clients cannot understand for what purposes this is required. As medical staff diagnose a patient before starting treatment, professionals need to understand what will be the beginning of the process, and what is the general scope of work.
  • Not enough financial investments for promotion. Of course, a small business project is difficult to allocate a lot of money for promotion. However, today it is CEOs, not advertising campaigns, that promote sales. Investing in promotion is more important than creating advertising media or working in social networks. If your budget is only a couple of thousand hryvnias, then no company specializing in SEO can help you. High-quality work requires investment, and therefore good firms will instantly refuse you, and bad ones will give promises, take funds for themselves, and will blame the lack of result for external circumstances or your personal shortcomings.
  • Misunderstanding of CEO principles. Often professionals use special terms in their reporting, in which any beginner risks becoming confused. Such communication with the customer makes the latter think that they are trying to “dissolve” him, simply get the money and that’s it. Good firms prepare clear and high-quality reports for clients, however, it is recommended to understand the basic fundamentals of the CEO and the corresponding terms.
  • The presence of high self-esteem and the lack of an adequate understanding of their knowledge. In such a situation, customers who understand the theory, but have no experience, are trying to “teach” professionals to something. And the responsibility will still lie with the agency staff. If you know that you understand advancement, and have noticed an incompetent approach of specialists, please contact other companies. But if you change from time to time, think – maybe the problem is you?

Ways to control the workflow

All entrepreneurs who order the promotion of a commercial resource, are trying to control the process of promotion, or at least keep themselves abreast of what is happening. Sometimes they even work together with specialists.

The presence of many years of experience in the field of optimization and promotion demonstrates that effective cases are for those businessmen who, at the initial level, know about SEO and listen to professionals.

How to control the work on site promotion?

  • Every month, get acquainted with the reports.
  • Check the information every two to three weeks, referring to the Google Search Console.
  • View data Google Analytics (we are talking about changing traffic, etc.) weekly.
  • Communicate with managers several times a week.

Also, customers can get information about where and for what exactly their financial budget is spent. However, one should not require the agency to report separately for each hryvnia. Of course, you will be provided with a report, but for this you need to wait a while. Therefore, trust firms to perform the main tasks, and on completion of the work, check the level of quality promotion.

Что нужно знать о SEO продвижении

Every year in our country increases the volume of sales committed on the Internet. This contributes to the growth of competition between businesses that are accustomed to fight for the user. The Internet is an excellent platform for product sales. If you want this activity to be effective, invest in SEO promotion.

Remember that no other marketing channel, besides this, is able to guarantee such opportunities in terms of working with target groups of users and attracting an organic flow of visitors.

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