What is Yandex update and what types of updates exist

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It is extremely important for every promotion specialist to distinguish between the types of this phenomenon. We will try to figure it out on the example of the Yandex search engine, since in the open spaces of the post-Soviet Internet space it is one of the most popular.

The classification can be safely divided into two types:

  • Fixed search engine update databases. These include text content, link weight, and more.
  • Fixing a “storm” in the search results.
What is Yandex update and what types of updates exist

Consider the first view in more detail.

Text update

This is a specific event that may be associated with the updating of texts or other documents that are directly involved in the ranking of the site. At this moment, information appears about new files and about updating to those that were already indexed a certain time ago.

This update is the most popular on Yandex. Its frequency on average can be from three to eight days. Any SEO specialist will tell you how much he expects this phenomenon to understand that all the optimization work has finally been taken into account by the search engine.

What is Yandex update and what types of updates exist


Here we are talking about updating anchor sheets. In such a period, data on changes in incoming links are recounted, factors influencing this are analyzed.

Fixing the link update occurs after new pages get into the list of issuance. You can detect them thanks to the anchors of incoming links. These data are also called SNSS. After conducting a large number of studies, professionals found that external and internal anchors often change at different times, and this indicates that their location is in different PS databases.

UP Behavioral Factors

Changes are taking place in information regarding how visitors behave on sites based on search results. You can track such an update by comparing the level of change in behavioral factors across several groups of queries. It can be classified according to two subspecies:

  1. Micro. A small part of the data on the behavior of “users” is taken into account.
  2. Slow (global). You can rarely observe them – on average no more than 2-3 times a quarter.
What is Yandex update and what types of updates exist

Update Classifiers

This event is associated with a change in the definition of the types of sites, pages, requests. This AP is classified as follows:

  • Redistribution of Internet resources by type or binding: language, geolocation, etc.
  • Rearrange pages to: news, commerce, information and other activities.
  • Reclassification of key queries: what it expresses – commercial meaning, location and so on.

You can see some of the above-mentioned updates if you monitor the results and the number of pages found using some system operators. It is especially easy to fix a geographical update.


In this case, the factors affecting the fight against spam are reviewed, after which some resources and files can both get sanctioned and get out of them. Select the most common search engine filters:

  1. Removing, using and changing thresholds that apply to texts, as well as “Re-optimization”.
  2. Minusinsk – an excess of external links. Yandex representatives inform on their social networks about filter updates.
  3. Behavioral behavioral factors. As soon as the text up passes, after which this sanction is lifted, the flow of visitors from Yandex is significantly growing.
  4. AGS and so on.

To identify filter updates, you need to regularly check the results of the issuance of certain requests for sites that have fallen under the sanctions “repression”.

What is Yandex update and what types of updates exist

In addition, there are still some species that, to one degree or another, I can track some webmasters:

  1. Changes in the Yandex Directory – here is observed both the addition and the exclusion of sites that have lost trust. If you are waiting for the appearance of your site in the UC or are afraid that it might be removed, then it is imperative to monitor all movements in the database of this service.
  2. Image search database – a separate PS bot indexes images on the network, however, the issuance of them, like the main tool, has recognizable updates. If your resource can rightfully go up and get more visits, thanks to the high-quality content of the images, then it makes sense to watch it in order to analyze exactly what effect the steps that you took earlier brought.
  3. Favicons – in the search line of the most recognizable runet search engine, as a rule, Favicon, which was taken from this site, is visible on the left side of the title and summary of the page.
  4. Update TCI. In this case, the thematic citation index is updated. This is a kind of litmus test of the level of trust of a resource, and the larger the indicator, the more confidence the search engine will inspire. If you are selling links, this indicator will be one of the most important, since it will be possible to raise the price for each link to a more favorable level.
What is Yandex update and what types of updates exist

In general, the whole point of APs on the part of Yandex is that this search engine, unlike its Google counterpart, does not have such great strength to show emerging changes every day. Therefore, it goes to certain tricks in order to reduce the load on the server. How does he act in this case? The system collects a certain number of indexed pages in a “little capsule” in order to give out immediately to users with regular periodicity all accumulations at once. It happens that between issued changes 10 or more days pass, but this is extremely rare.

If we exaggerate a little, we can say that the first “user”, who asked in the search, starts a certain machine for issuing. Thus, the load on the server is reduced and everyone is satisfied.

What is Yandex update and what types of updates exist

How to monitor updates correctly?

It is better to do this using special services. We will present you some useful complementary tools.

  1. “Pixel Plus” and “Trofimenko” – record the number of documents in the main database. Should be used to identify textual APs.
  2. SEOBudget – to record changes in faces.
  3. Forum SearchEngines. This is a whole section with which you can identify new topics.
  4. Analyzethis is a unique project, with enough tools for analysis and a breakdown of queries by topic.
What is Yandex update and what types of updates exist

What gives an update for the site owner?

If you regularly monitor changes, you can identify possible errors in the work. Do you remember that the slightest errors in the work on a project can easily incur financial losses? Therefore, we repeat, but once again we will focus on the fact that the sooner defects are discovered, the more chances are for their timely correction! We hope this article has been useful to both beginners and real SEO pros.

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