What is to be audited when checking the site?

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    The global network is replete with the presence of similar at first glance web resources. Some of these search engines rank higher and some just go nowhere. The goal of any site owner is his promotion in the TOP, recognition, memorability and constant growth in sales of goods, services or works. For a comprehensive understanding of problems or possible future omissions, an Internet resource assessment is being conducted. We will try to briefly decompose what is to be audited when checking the site.

    Audit – all activities aimed at identifying errors, deficiencies and weaknesses of a web resource, improving the quality and user experience settings. Professional analysis provides a clear action plan to bring the project to a “near-perfect state” for customers and search engines.

    What is to be audited when checking the site?

    The site is analyzed in a number of areas:

    1. Technical. It includes project security control, standard software code, plug-ins and modules, correctness of server responses from the first byte, the proportion of four, five hundred and three hundred codes. There is control over the setting of a single correct web page address on the main domain, the absence of duplicates and empty pages, broken links and the correctness of redirects.

    Duplication type analysis is organized according to the DRY principle (don’t repeat yourself), for example, pages can be:

    • with http, https, www and without – are considered as 4 different services and are automatically reduced in issue;
    • various extensions (/, hyml, php);
    • same when applying filters, sorting.

    Be sure to check the download speed on the computer and various devices, the ability to download in multiple browsers, the presence of scripts to protect unique texts from plagiarism. Additionally, we follow the unification of url addresses, for the first time opening an address in the browser, a person must understand where he leads (quality URL https://ipapus.com/services/usability-audit/, incorrect example site.com.ua/news/2017/11/12/id12345).

    1. Usability. The comfort of using the application for the consumer. Mobile Adaptation Analysis, alpha and beta testing. Monitoring the chain of “bread crumbs”, the number of links, its majesty Design, the impression in general and clarity for the user. All these moments have a direct impact on the time spent, the depth of immersion in a web resource. For Google and Yandex, this factor is ranked as user interest , the longer the time interval that users stay on the Internet service, the greater the confidence in it.
    1. Search analytics. Search engine robots want to understand with minimal loss of time what this page is for and for whom. This will help correctly spelled out on the pages Title, Alt, Description, micromarking, elimination of duplicates and repetitions, setting up instructions for search engines Yandex and Google in robots.txt and sitemap.xml Reconciliation of working “forgotten” pages for eliminate vulnerabilities. We analyze various parameters testifying to the use of sanctions by search engines. We isolate the semantic core, estimate the increase in the reference mass, the change in cost per click, the reputation of the services that provide links.
    1. Content test. Here, the main criterion is quality. The user must quickly and easily find the necessary information, get answers to their questions, and not see over-optimized texts written in machine language, monitor spam indicators, nausea, water percentage, density of using keywords, use specialized vocabulary, professional terms and high-quality photos. People are inherently very lazy and therefore juicy pictures will cause more clicks for transitions than a good but big text . We definitely devote time to reconciling Alt tags and get an improvement in the visual appeal of future buyers.
    What is to be audited when checking the site?

    As a result, the owner wants to see not so much a list of problems, as effective recommendations for increasing the traffic and visibility of a web resource in the TOP for key queries. A technical task is being formed with step-by-step instructions for solving the task of turning into the highest-quality website. We pay special attention to adaptive layout and mobile version, since traffic from mobile devices has long exceeded the volume of desktop calls.

    The result will be saving part of the budget, spent on ineffective advertising, choosing the path to accelerate the work of the resource, which will provide an opportunity to take a leading position in issuing on key requests. Want to get a quick and professional audit – contact our agency. Qualified will provide an individual approach to the integrated improvement of Internet projects. Our team of specialists will assist in the implementation of any of your proposals, guarantees the release of the project in the TOP-10 by key positions. We wish you increased conversion and improved traffic.

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