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Thematic citation index is a technology of the Russian search engine Yandex that determines the authority of sites. Its calculation is carried out according to a special search engine algorithm, where great importance is given to the subject of the site, as well as to resources referring to it. In order to shift the weight from another site to yours, you need Yandex to index the link. However, the significance of each source is individual.

For example: you are the owner of a car site. At the same time you are referred to by a large trust portal about cars and a very young entertainment magazine, where there are several articles about cars. Despite the fact that both resources are thematic, the first will transfer much more weight.

TCI is influenced by the total weight, that is, transmitted by all sources together. Therefore, it is possible to achieve the indicator 10 (for example) both with the help of ten fat trust platforms, and with three hundred new small ones.

What is TIC?

What affects the thematic citation index?

Internal factors are not able to influence it, only external, and only those that fall into the Yandex index. Sites where everyone can add links without the control of their owner (bulletin boards, various forums, blogs, various directories, etc.) transmit a miserable weight or zero at all.

Therefore, in order to increase the indicator there is no clear formula, to increase it, it is necessary that authoritative resources close to your “brainchild” on the subject refer to it.

What is TIC?

Is the TCI updated frequently?

This value is quite unpredictable: sometimes the update occurs once every two weeks, and sometimes once every three months.

What depends on the indicator?

  • Many people mistakenly believe that ranking sites is directly dependent on the TCI. Yes, it does, but indirectly.

To better understand, let’s give an example: one site is promoted by the request “buy a car”, the other – “honda saloon – new cars”. Suppose that the second option will have even 30 times more TCIs, but if a person enters the request “buy a car”, then he will give up the leadership position to the first.

Thus, we can conclude that for promotion it is more important not the number of links, but their quality.

  • The indicator has a much greater influence on the position in the Yandex Directory (if you are there), where the traffic comes from.

The main reason for the “race” for the high index value is the increase in the price of links, which means an increase in earnings on their sale.

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