What is the relevance of a site page?

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This term means how much the site or its sections correspond to the search queries that have been set by users.

In order to have any impact on this indicator, it is necessary to conduct the correct optimization of all pages and establish semantic correspondence.

What is the relevance of a site page?

What should not be overlooked in order for your resource to be relevant?

  • title tags;
  • the presence of keys in the text content of the site and each of its pages separately;
  • the volume of written content – scare away, as too hyped texts, and excessively short;
  • the presence of reverse link mass per page;
  • useful information that can delay the user on the page longer than usual and push him to purchases, calls and registration.

In order to achieve maximum effect in this direction, it is necessary to create content that will be interesting to visitors and potential customers and immediately respond to its requests asked by search engines. If the page is not relevant, then it will not be possible to get into the leaders.

What is the relevance of a site page?

As well as any other indicator, this parameter requires regular analysis and verification to detect errors that may affect a low value. Remember that the sooner you find any errors, the sooner you can eliminate them and stop losing money! If it is difficult to do it yourself, you can always turn to professionals for help.

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