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What is more effective for promotion: contextual advertising or SEO?

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Very often, having a limited budget or time margin, we have to make one or another choice. It is not surprising that while promoting the site, we face the same difficulties. We will try to resolve one of the current dilemmas: promotion using SEO or with the help of contextual advertising. Which tool is more effective? More relevant? On which of them is it worth spending your budget to get more returns? Let’s see together!

We will act according to plan. We will discuss the initial goals to be achieved and carry out a detailed comparative analysis of these two instruments. And most importantly, after analyzing the data obtained, we summarize the results, which help to choose the ideal investment option.

Что эффективнее для продвижения: контекстная реклама или SEO?

Goals and objectives: expectations from the future promotion of the site?

Of course, any tool must be selected in accordance with the task and serve specific goals. Before investing finances, you need to decide on specific goals. Here are a few options to choose from before we go to the next section.

  1. Increase of visits (traffic) of your Internet resource. Commendable goal. The increase in visits from potential customers, usually leads to an increase in purchases, and consequently to an increase in profits. This is the right goal, but do not dwell on it.
  2. The increase in the number of orders. If you do not want to be content with just an increase in the values ​​in the summary of traffic sources, but do focus on the number of orders. In this case, you should also consider the effectiveness of the site itself, as well as its conversion.
  3. Stable increase in the number of orders with a decrease in additional investments. It is logical that you should always strive to increase the volume of orders while reducing additional financial costs. Ideally, a progression in profit growth is expected, without constant consideration for traffic, while the budget continues to grow and not suffer losses. Such goals are also found.
  4. Attracting customers at no additional cost. Is it possible to increase customer visits without investing additional funds? Is it actually real or fiction?
  5. Getting the leading lines in search engines. Systematic website promotion in the top list for key requests.
  6. The desire to beat the competition. There are also such strange goals, but who are we to prohibit you from setting them, therefore we will take this goal into account.
  7. Individual option (post it in the comments and we will show the way of action in this case).

Detailed comparison: SEO and contextual advertising

By choosing a goal, you definitely found what you need and you understood what kind of return you are expecting from your Internet resource. It’s time to discuss what tools to use for this. We will not take time to describe what each method is. Not because it will take an additional place in the article, just this material, and in great detail, is given in separate subject articles and there is no point in duplicating it. Better we go straight to the assessment of the promotion using SEO and contextual advertising on the main evaluation criteria.

CriterionContextual advertisingSEO
Effective recoil rateThe launch is available for 1-3 days, so immediately after the start, a visible result on recoil is available. Prerequisite, no problems with the appropriate settings.Do not expect quick returns. The tangible result will be at least 1.5 months, and the maximum – after 3. Before that, we advise you not to even check the data.
Return on investmentIn the case of advertising, it is much easier due to the presence of a special return on investment ratio – ROI. Knowing the value of the final indices, it is necessary to make simple calculations. However, this formula allows us to estimate the actual payback, but alas, it cannot work ahead of the curve and whether it will be possible to determine the return in advance — it is impossible. There is a risk of unjustified financial expenses if the advertisement is set up with errors. However, it is possible to find out how much profit each ruble will bring.Website optimization is not an easy task. Despite the fact that predicting traffic from the search is quite realistic. Advantages: the longer you work with SEO, the cheaper you will attract visitors. This is due to the fact that as soon as the site rises to the TOP positions (that is, it responds to the technical optimization, textual correction, and other actions performed earlier), you only need to save the results obtained. It is clear that it will cost you much cheaper.
Ease of implementation (is it possible to do it yourself)In general, to make customization of advertising on the forces of any, there would be a desire. For this purpose, various courses, webinars and articles are given online. However, if you do the settings yourself, you need to be extremely careful – one tick is not put there, not only will not give the desired return, but also simply withdraw money not for what we would like.SEO is a job for professionals. It is clear that you can do part of the work yourself, having read the same useful articles, but some of the transformations can be done by specialists who guarantee the desired result.
Impact of external factorsIn the case of the context, there is a certain amount of external influence. This may be due to varying rates or changing the settings of developers. However, their advantage – in predictability: 99% of the success of the project ensures the correct settings.SEO has a significant impact of external factors on the result. This is already evident from the tuning of the search algorithm, which takes into account at least, or even more than two hundred ranking keys, whereas, for example, you have configured only a few.
How much is?Even self-mastering the development, customization and maintenance of advertising, still will not allow it to run for free. It should be noted that in the case of advertising – it is always not free. It should be borne in mind that prices are directly dependent on the subject. In some embodiments, the cost per click is quite acceptable, while in others it is simply transcendental. It depends on the competitiveness of the offer: the more competitors – the higher the cost.Prices for work carried out depend on several factors, including the type of necessary manipulations. Therefore, along with budget rates, there are costly. Example: switching to https – from 4 thousand rubles, mobile adaptation from 9 thousand rubles. Prices depend on individual factors.
Systematic useFor a stable systematic result, you need the same fee for clicks and updating of creatives, given the fading of the audience. Advertising must be constantly monitored in order to make adjustments, changes and test updates in time.In SEO, most of the work is done once and for a long time. In any case, before the frequent release of a new filter update. The rest of the regular work, such as updating content, etc. performed without financial costs, or at least with the most minimal ones.
Possible riskThe only risk is a pledged amount per click. Incorrect settings can – just drain the budget. You no longer risk anything.Poor or improperly performed SEO optimization can cause irreparable harm to any resource, the result may be not only the imposition of sanctions, but also a complete ban on the site. Therefore, relying only on your own strength – you should be extremely careful !.
Impact on TOP positionsAdvertising absolutely does not affect the actual finding of your resource in search engine results. Promotional offers are always placed above and below organic matter, so most users almost thoughtlessly go over the first lines, namely to advertising. For a young resource, advertising is the optimal, and sometimes the only chance to quickly get to the top of the list. At least until such time as there is a desire and opportunity to pay for it.SEO directly affects the line occupied by the site in the TOP and costs you completely free. Once you perform the optimizing technical settings, you have a real chance to stay in the TOP, however, a stable position position is not guaranteed. There are many reasons for search engine rankings, so maintaining SEO should be done systematically.

Assessing the analysis, it becomes clear that there is no 100% way to guarantee efficiency. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore, based on the goals and characteristics given, it remains only to make a key choice.

Where to invest finances: in context or in SEO?

Before summing up, by default we will assume that all the necessary work on SEO and the context were performed correctly. Green highlighted column, which has the most effective option, focused on the implementation of the goal.

GoalsContextSEOContext + SEO
Increase of visits (traffic) of your Internet resourceActive increase in visits based on the amount invested and for the entire payment period.Slow but promising growth, capable of increasing without systematic financial costs.The use of mixed promotion for the growth of traffic reduces the risk of subsidence in the TOP, if one of the options is abandoned.
Increase in the number of ordersGuaranteed and very fast. Clear progress after 3 days.Slow increase in traffic is also gradually increasing orders. However, it should be noted that organic growth is less effective than in context.At the start, it is advisable to start with advertising, after you begin to produce SEO results, you can reduce the budget for advertising or completely abandon it.
Stable increase in the number of orders with a decrease in additional investmentsCompetent optimization of information will reduce costs, but never cancel them.Debugged traffic and optimally converting resource contribute to the goal.At the initial stage, the leadership will be for advertising, but over time, the effective return on SEO investment will show itself.
Attracting customers at no additional costTotally excluded.In the future, this is quite realistic, but at the initial stage financial investments are required.Even when combining the desired result is not possible.
Getting leading strings in search enginesPerhaps to some extent, there is a possibility of indirect influence, but absolutely insignificant.The effort expended over time will bring profit and a well-deserved position in the search engine list.The combination is meaningless.
The desire to beat the competitionA great way is to use advertising for this purpose.Slow starting, but stable way.The best result when sharing.

Just in case, we remind you that if there is a task or additional questions, please write using comments to the article.

Summarized analysis:

With a small budget, SEO is more intelligent to begin to be accompanied by professionals. Doing the first key work, and then ranked the list to the simplest. You will only have to monitor the correct operation of the site, periodically adjusting to the conditions of search engines and improve the site. It should be noted that the first tangible results without any financial cost will come after 3-9 months.

With a small budget, contextual advertising will quickly get customers and profits and is the best tool for an accelerated start.

What is important to understand: before the promotion

The success of promotion depends not only on the investment, but also on the site itself. If the site is unattractive, difficult for ordinary people to perceive and useless, then even the most expensive and professional advertising company or a well-executed optimization will be a waste of time and money. Therefore, before the start of all work, conduct a so-called comprehensive audit, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your resource, and only then do the distribution of funds invested in contextual advertising or SEO.

Что эффективнее для продвижения: контекстная реклама или SEO?
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