What is conversion?

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If you say it quite simply, it is these actions that are done by each visitor to the website. Here’s a pickup, click on the “Call” button and wait for the operator’s response, register in the system, agree to send notifications or sign up for newsletter.

What is conversion?

Each site must perform its functions in a compulsory order. Did you organize an online magazine for selling souvenirs? Then the name of the purchase will be the main purpose. And so, the amount of visitors want by two thirds are not just to look, but to buy. In order to be fruitful, it is necessary to work on this indicator regularly, to test it and to perfect it.

Let’s figure out the cost of the conversion. If you know how much it will cost to make a simple visitor an active buyer, it will be easier to prescribe a budget and determine the approximate sales volume.

What can she depend on?

There are certain factors that affect this or that face:

  • page design;
  • site usability;
  • quality of text content;
  • traffic
What is conversion?

These are the moments that are in the resource itself. But do not forget about the human factor, that is, the work of managers:

  • how quickly he answers calls and the style of the conversation with the client;
  • order processing speed;
  • degree of preparation for communication and so on.

To improve this indicator, you need to monitor it on a regular basis, analyze, identify problem areas and eliminate them. Remember the simple rule – the higher the conversion, the greater your profit!

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