What is cluster clustering?

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This concept designates a grouping based on an analysis of the search engine listings of popular search engines. It looks like this:

  • For example, you have two keys – “carpet cleaning” and “buy carpet cleaning”.
  • The result is analyzed for each of them. It is enough to view the first page to make it clear whether there are intersections of links in both cases.
  • If at least five matches are observed, then a grouping of these requests is done.
What is cluster clustering?

Why use the services to cluster the semantic core?

Firstly, these tools will save valuable time than if you deal with this task manually. For example, you can spend several days grouping 1000 key phrases using your hands and your own brain, and you will spend a lot of energy and opportunities to do something else useful. Moreover, it is unlikely that the effectiveness of the task will be at a sufficiently high level. There is a high probability that some keys will be distributed out of place, since in the process of work a person simply gets used to the process. And if you simply enter all the data in a special service, he will do everything for you very quickly, after which you or your employees will just need to look at the result. Save time and effort.

And, secondly, this allows you to avoid significant errors in the promotion. By chance, you can start promoting both commercial and informational queries on one page. Then some of the pages will successfully get into the TOP, while others will remain in the distant thirty. We’ll have to do everything anew and understand the essence of the problem. Because you should not forget that the issuance of commercial and info requests has significant differences.

You will not be able to “untwist” the phrases “carpet cleaning” and “buy carpet cleaning” on one page. Why?

In the second case, sites with a direction to commerce will be shown. That is, the user who entered this query in the search engine, expects to buy a cleaning product, and not sit and read a bunch of information on how to do it yourself, even if it comes in handy in the future and he gets to the housewives battle. And in the first case, it is information that appears: publications on the topic of cleaning, how to do it using improvised tools, videos with instructions and experiments, and so on.

Thus, competent data collection helps to avoid incidents even at the stage of initial promotion.

What is cluster clustering?

How can the process itself help?

  • data is processed quickly;
  • promoted pages are automatically classified.

Qualitatively made clusters are a direct way to the correct perception by search bots. It makes no sense to go against the long-established method and reinvent the wheel. It will be much easier to identify important types of partitions and begin to successfully move the resource.

SC clustering types

There are two types of grouping Soft and Hard.

If you use the Soft option, you need to take one main key and bind the remainder to it.

Consider an example.

“Buy cleaning for carpets” is the main request, and the side will be “buy cleaning for carpets in Moscow”, “buy cleaning for carpets price”. We compare similar URLs in leaders, if the number of identical ones is above the boundary value, then the key can be added to the group.

Using the second option, you can only combine keys when the URLs in the TOP-10 intersect for all requests.

What is cluster clustering?

Consider hand tools

Excel, LibreOffice, OpenOffice

They are the easiest to use and accurate. Everything is very clear here – you need to take and distribute all the keys manually.

Positive sides:

  • due to manual work, the accuracy is quite high;
  • when compiling, various characteristics are taken into account;


  • if there is a lot of information, productivity drops;
  • there is no autosave – God forbid, they turned off the light or some other unforeseen situation, and our song is good – start over.

LibreOffice, OpenOffice — do not require spending money.

Microsoft Office Excel 2016 — It costs a certain amount, but it is not so high. Although everyone knows that it can be even cheaper.

Google docs


  • super accurate;
  • thanks to the online mode, there is no need to be afraid to lose data;
  • absolutely free.


  • unfortunately, all services in which we work with hands have poor performance
What is cluster clustering?


The tool works in online mode according to this principle:

  • Insert a list of key phrases in a special window.
  • Sorted.
  • We select the necessary groups.

What good

  • the interface is understandable at the level of intuition – the teenager will also cope;
  • speed of work in comparison with previous services cannot but rejoice;
  • no need to pay

What is not happy?

  • no way to survive;
  • frequency does not load;
  • if you compare with the tools above, then the speed is super, but in fact it could have been faster.
What is cluster clustering?

Automatic Services:

Rush Analytics

The service operates online and allows you to work with SY based on the results of search engines. But if you look carefully, it will become clear that grouping is only one of the many functions of the tool. However, at the moment we will talk only about her. We will analyze the algorithm of actions step by step:

  • Create a new project. We prescribe the name and the most accurate location.
  • We indicate the frequency with which we will act.
  • We do the file download with the keys and frequency.
  • Click the “Create Project” button. Here, we immediately “fly out” the cost.
  • You can also find out how much you need to pay by simply clicking on the “Prices” tab.

After all the steps, the program unloads the data into a regular Excel file with key phrases arranged in groups. Since this is an automatic operation, it will be necessary to double-check everything again in order to find and remove errors.


  • online mode of solving the problem;
  • the ability to save all projects;


  • need to pay money;
  • as a result, the service is expensive;
  • Despite the machine, the final result you get after a manual check.


Most specialists know this program firsthand and even used it often. Grouping keys here is also not the only opportunity.

You can cluster queries by the meaning of phrases, based on what the search engines give out. Search-based grouping only works if KEI is selected. In time, very quickly – no more than two minutes.

What is cluster clustering?

Positive points:

  • simple and clear menu;
  • grouping customization ability;
  • a large number of ways to work with the semantic core;
  • low price;

From the negative:

  • requires installation on a personal computer;
  • you cannot correct the resulting groups in the program itself – only in the Excel table;
  • manual adjustment of groups.


Popular SEO platform, can work automatically. Its difference from rivals is that in the here and now mode it analyzes thirty search results leaders for each request added to the grouping and compiles lists of phrases related by semantics based on how many sites use them. The more often the same phrases are found on the resources from the TOP, the higher the connection between them. In this case, the service will add them to the cluster. The developers even shot a separate video where you can clearly see the tool at work.

The technical part of the service is quite complicated, but due to this, the user is easy to configure.


  • Set the name.
  • We make import of CF. Here, as you want, either import the dock, or in the old fashioned manner, “Insert.”
  • Choose a region for clustering. The service makes it possible to choose a region with high accuracy, which is important for the local SEO.
  • Customize the type and strength.
What is cluster clustering?

At the last action, you can leave everything by default. If the result does not please you, you can simply change the project settings and re-break the same keywords with different characteristics, and it’s absolutely free.


  • regroup CF is free;
  • all work results are saved, online mode, the service notifies you of the end of the process.


  • the program is paid.

From all that has been said above, we can summarize that proper clustering is one of the priorities of working with the site. This process allows you to correctly configure the resource at the initial stage and lead it along the right path in the future. With it, you can avoid regular audits of web pages after a certain promotion time. Can I also add that automatic clustering is fast and convenient? but be that as it may, but in the end – if you want it or not – for a good effect you need to finish everything manually.

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