What is a satellite?

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The experts call the satellite an additionally created web page that can help promote the main site. This is an auxiliary resource that is occupied by the search engine, thus more contact with customers occurs, purchases increase.


  • From the point of view of the technical part, dynamic and static can be distinguished.
  • Depending on the purpose of the application, they are divided into selling, auxiliary, for promoting the main resource, for selling links.
  • Not unique, unique and automatically filled.

Most often used are those that help in promoting the site and increase the volume of goods sold.

What is a satellite?

We will analyze in more detail the option with increasing purchases by users.

Let’s say you have a main site. You are satisfied with his work, there is good traffic, goods and services are actively sold, users make registration and subscribe to updates. But I want to achieve great results and somehow develop. In this case, an additional site is created, but under an alternative name. Her promotion takes place on the same key requests. Thus, in TOP not one resource breaks through, but two! Sales begin to grow at an accelerated pace, profit is pleasing.

When a company has more than one promoted website in one topic, they are called affiliates.

What is a satellite?

Niche Satellites

Here are a couple of examples to make it clear what it is.

  • You have opened an online store of sportswear from world famous manufacturers. It is actively developing and growing in all respects. But this is not the limit. You can increase your income if you create additional sites for each brand, for example, Reebok, Adidas and others.
  • Virtual casinos are now popular. As a rule, such a resource contains a menu with several games. Here you can also organize separate platforms for each type of entertainment.

Now it became clear that thanks to niche satellites you can significantly expand your audience and earn much more.

Promotion of the main resource

This method works successfully. It is only necessary to approach it, thinking through every detail and considering all possible options.

This can be quite expensive for a number of reasons:

  • content should be regularly updated, and it takes a lot of money and effort;
  • Costs require strengthening the link profile, the regular development of the satellite;
  • It is advisable to use several different servers.

Do not forget that search engines may suspect the fact that certain manipulations are taking place. And now you are no longer in the TOP, but got under the filters.

What is a satellite?

What do we end up with? It became clear that creating a satellite you can promote the main platform and increase your income, become more recognizable and popular on the Internet. At the same time, there remains a tremendous risk of being sanctioned and left with nothing.

To use this “trick” or not is up to you. In this case, the saying “Pan or disappeared” will be very helpful. Remember that before embarking on such manipulations, you should carefully consider each of the scenarios and be prepared not only for success, but also for possible failure.

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