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We have already spoken about how to attract potential buyers to your webpage. Imagine that here it is – the long-awaited high traffic that warms the soul. But what’s next? When a person has come to your page, he already has some expectations in his head, and wants to see certain information on the site. Only if his expectations are met, will he really be interested and read everything to the end, and then he will agree to the purchase.

From this article you will learn what nine important elements must be present on your site. Without them, unfortunately, you can never dream of conversion. The analysis of TOP confirmed that all successful marketing campaigns are based on these 9 “whales” of the SEO market. And this is not a trivial increase in the check with additional sales, but something more catchy and weighty.

In the face of fierce competition between small and medium-sized businesses on Internet sites, it is important not to make a mistake in every step. Only competent content of the site will be able to distinguish you among thousands of entrepreneurs who are also trying to interest and retain potential customers.

We will no longer torment you with reasoning, but proceed directly to the discussion of the 9 points that a person should see on the Internet page in order to stay and want to buy something.

Convenient menu navigation

Nobody likes to flip through the page, crawling through the mountains of the text in search of the most important. Getting on the site, the user wants to immediately understand where the information of interest is located. To do this, install a convenient navigation menu, and place it as close as possible to the beginning.

It will be great if you make such a panel, as in the photo below. Simple, affordable, and immediately striking. Do not forget to think carefully about the items in your menu. No vague, abstract phrases: only clear definitions, for example, “composition, price, readings, buy.”

Что покупатель хочет увидеть на вашем сайте?

Do not forget about a small but important nuance – an active logo. Many are accustomed to that by clicking on the icon with the name of the company, they will be on the main page of the site. It is simple, convenient and understandable on an intuitive level. Meet the expectations of your customers.

As for the menu structure, start with the most important items, and only then add them with categorical elements for convenience.

Catchy offer

Well, who among us will refuse a good product, and also with a discount? And if this is not a unique product, then an active Internet surfer will probably promptly monitor several stores, comparing pricing policies.

You can not understand why the hit of the World Wide Web sales stagnated in your warehouse? See if direct competitors have set a discount. And if you can give up on the products themselves, do so.

And, of course, the potential buyer should find out about the discount, barely loading the site. Take care that the special offer is conspicuous, but not too intrusive.

What does the buyer want to see on your site?

Contact Information

Many bring peace of mind if the online store has a real address where you can come and complain in case of problems. Customer unrest is well founded: cases of online fraud have become extremely frequent, and few people want to part with their hard-earned money, risking losing them.

To gain the trust of visitors will help your contact information, and the more methods of communication you specify, the more solid you will look in the eyes of the client. It can be not only phone numbers, but also addresses of pickup points, main office, service centers.

In addition, not all people like to communicate through online chat rooms. Someone important to hear a “live” voice, or simply do not want to waste time on correspondence. Make sure that visitors could immediately find contact information, rather than listing all possible pages, losing patience and willingness to buy.

A good example of the placement of contact information is presented in the screenshot:

Что покупатель хочет увидеть на вашем сайте?

As we can see, the phone number is highlighted in red, because it immediately catches the eye. Moreover, the top remains stationary when a person leafs through the site.

Consistency and stability

Again, this is about creating the image of the company and gaining customer confidence. Position yourself as a brand with one name that is always on the ear. For example, if your store is called “Matryoshka”, write it everywhere. Not “MATRESHKA”, not “Matryoshka”, but namely “Matryoshka”.

The correct spelling of the name itself emphasizes the seriousness of your organization. Agree how ridiculous people who make mistakes in their own name look. So do not be ridiculous, take care of your image. First of all, this respect for customers, which they, no doubt, will appreciate.

Structured information in an accessible place.

Sell the benefits of your company immediately, and do not put it off at the very end of the page. It is important for potential buyers to understand, so the purchase in your organization will be a successful solution for them. Share all the information about the guarantors and benefits in one place. And the shorter and more accurate your suggestions are, the more visitors will like it. Predicting customer questions before they arise – this is an important goal that needs to be achieved at any cost.

Here is a great example:

Что покупатель хочет увидеть на вашем сайте?

The picture shows how the space is reasonably distributed, and how easy it is for the visitor to immediately find out useful information. Only four columns, but how much sense! Each product line is highlighted separately, and, after reading a brief description, a person immediately understands which section he should go into. Simple and effective.

Bright and reasoned calls to action

Push people to buy. Gently, unobtrusively, but effectively. Support the call to action with strong and understandable arguments.

A good CTA is always noticeable on the site, but does not scream about itself. Moreover, its usefulness can be determined by whether the conversion is growing. Do not hesitate in the media: in the course can go and bright pictures, and large-format banners, and animated signs. The main thing is not to overdo it, and also not to build the CTA on deception.


Your website should inspire security not only to customers, but also browsers. Seeing the ill-fated red sign with the inscription: “Not protected”, 90% of people will close the page, they will also clean the viewing history just in case. Search engines are very strict about data encryption, and in every possible way protect users from visiting unprotected resources.

The presence of an SSL certificate confirms that the attackers on your site do not steal user data. Show care and respect for customers using a secure protocol.

Что покупатель хочет увидеть на вашем сайте?

Adaptation for smartphones

This is all clear. Business people make small (and even large) purchases while in a traffic jam, on a subway train or at a lunch break. In this case, the computer is not always at hand, but few people leave their smartphones even in their sleep. Make a decent and really convenient mobile version of the site, and do not forget to test it on yourself. If your business is very successful, you should consider developing a mobile application for Android and iOS.

Accelerate image loading

Wait 200 seconds until the picture is loaded on the site, no one will, especially in the rhythm of modern haste. Just think, about four out of ten images do not have time to load while the user flips through the page. Optimize images, experiment on their size.

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