Website statistics counters or how to find traffic?

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Website traffic is the number of unique users who visited a specific Internet resource for a certain amount of time (day, month, etc.).

Unique visitor makes his host (IP), from which he comes.

As a rule, attendance statistics may include the number of views, the duration of the views. These indicators reflect the level of interest, usefulness and usability of the site, as well as the level of quality of visits (was it random?).

Website statistics counters or how to find traffic?

A hit is the loading of the same page by one visitor. If the user makes 2 hits or more, then it is considered active.

Session is a process of user presence on a site. If a unique visitor makes a second host 15 minutes after the first – this is a new session.

Website statistics counters or how to find traffic?

Why count visitors?

When the process of creating or optimizing the site is completed, its owner simply needs to know the statistics of the premises. This is almost the most accurate feedback from the audience, which allows you to check everything from the quality of the design and the convenience of the site to the interest of users in the brand.

Website statistics counters or how to find traffic?

What can be tracked:

  • The quality and relevance of the collected semantics (core core queries).
  • The effectiveness of promotions and other types of promotion.
  • SEO efficiency.
  • Quality of content, etc.

When evaluating statistics, always consider the fact that search engines work according to the laws of inertia. It is impossible to evaluate something in real time. For example, to see the results of optimization, you need to wait from 2 to N months. Therefore, stock up an endurance before after a week to cancel any innovations and to be upset that this or that tool does not work. And also – find a counter of statistics of visits convenient for yourself.

Website statistics counters or how to find traffic?

Convenient counters for tracking attendance

To track these indicators, there are many services, plugins and software. We have selected priority:

  • Google Analytics is a free analytics service with great functionality. It includes accounting for most metrics from key frequencies to the activity of unique visitors. The counter is displayed only in the console and is not visible to competitors.
  • Yandex Metric is another free service that is not inferior to Google’s analytics tools. It makes it possible to view heat maps of attendance and visitor activities, as well as track user routes. This metric tool is called Webvisor.
Website statistics counters or how to find traffic?

If you ask us, then, as a rule, the first two to most sites are more than enough to get the maximum necessary information. They are developed and improved daily by the largest search engines. But, we can offer more:

  • Liveinternet.
  • I.UA.
  • Rambler TOP-100.
Website statistics counters or how to find traffic?

This is enough to keep abreast and respond in time to changing user behavior. We wish secret agents success in their “surveillance”!

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Website statistics counters or how to find traffic?
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