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Automatic website SEO audit

Website optimization audit is a set of measures that will identify errors that affect the position of an Internet page in search engines. It can be carried out independently, in the presence of certain knowledge. However, it can give greater results and accuracy if it is carried out by an external specialist who can give an objective expert assessment.

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Website Optimization Audit

What does an audit include?

  • Checking the semantic core. Qualitative selection of key phrases, their number, relevance to the topic, analysis of the semantics of competitors.
  • Analysis. The uniqueness of texts and pictures, the introduction of meta tags.
  • The study of the structure of the site and its usability. Ease of navigation, level of nesting of pages, placement of contact information and addresses, location of menus and product categories, an impression of trust, the convenience of dialogue elements. This type of verification can take place in several ways – through a user survey, a solely experienced specialist and thanks to the accumulated statistics in the analytics system.
  • Technical audit. Layout, page loading speed on different devices, including adaptability to mobile phones and tablets, indexing, duplicate pages, working capacity, efficiency and correct operation of all elements of the site, malicious codes, as far as hosting meets all the indicated criteria. This kind can be carried out before the start of optimization.
  • Examination of external and internal links. The tendency to increase, the quality of the donor pages, how well the links are working and whether they lead to 404 errors, the ratio.
  • Visibility in search engines, position relative to competitors, identification of the reasons for non-inclusion in TOP positions.
  • Marketing analysis will determine the uniqueness of the offer, strengths and weaknesses that can affect attractiveness compared to other sites in the selected topic, check the features of the target audience, the quality of visits, information that can affect the final decision of the visitor to purchase, is the site correct positioning itself.
Website Optimization Audit

What will the audit give?

In itself, it gives only an understanding of what was done wrong. But the application of the developed recommendations, and the sooner the better, will help to eliminate the errors found, after which you will notice a noticeable effect:

  • Conversion is increasing. Visits will quickly begin to turn into productive calls and purchases.
  • Significant growth in positions for key queries in a given topic.
  • The growth of traffic to the site.
  • Reverse link building
  • The correctness of the work of contextual advertising.
Website Optimization Audit

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