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Do you think your site is not working well? Let’s do a web audit to find all the possible errors that interfere with the correct operation, interfere with getting into the leaders in the search, and disrupt normal communication with users. An audit can be carried out both for a resource that has existed for a long time, and for just created one.

Web audit

What does the service include?

  • Assessment of the technical condition. We identify the errors in the site. We check the structure, errors in the code, site map, how fast the download is and other indicators.
  • SEO audit. We’ll examine all aspects of optimization that can affect the position of a resource in search results: how meta tags are filled in correctly, content is optimized, if there is a violation in the download speed of each page.
  • Usability. It is a kind of side view. The study will help to understand exactly how the user sees the site from the inside, whether it is convenient for finding the necessary information, the design style, whether it is easy to get in touch with you and buy the necessary product or service. We find everything that can be uncomfortable according to the buyer and develop solutions.
  • Marketing. It analyzes the effectiveness of the site as a platform for sales. We study competitors, identify their winning qualities compared to you, examine the market in the subject, analyze the number of visits, how much CA is interested in. We will help you set the right strategy not only for the development of the Internet resource itself, but also for the business as a whole.

Why might you need a web audit?

If the site has certain problems, it is not always possible to determine them yourself. A professional look can do it faster and save money that you can lose until the problems are fixed.

  • Security. It would seem, well, who needs to hack an online store? It so happened that there are craftsmen, even if you are selling children’s goods. Why do they need it? For example, someone is interested in the personal information of buyers at registration or even yours. There are attempts to install malicious code. The integrity of competitors can not always be hoped for. An audit will help identify weaknesses and establish protection.
  • Problems with the technical part. For example, a callback request is not sent, the search button and the like do not work.
  • Optimization. Can’t find yourself in a search? What then to say about users! We will help to find the reasons and find a solution.
  • Non-optimized content. Page filling has an important role for site indexing. Images that are too heavy reduce the download speed, texts should be unique and meet key queries on your subject.
  • User interface. Have you tried to place an order through your site? Are you happy with everything? It is worth looking at this moment from the side. Is everything good with navigation, are there problems in quickly placing an order. Customers of online stores, as a rule, do not like to make unnecessary useless movements.
Web audit

Why is it worth cooperating with us?

  • Our team consists of only experienced specialists who literally “burn” with their own business and are focused on the result.
  • We take a responsible approach to work. If the deadlines for fulfilling the tasks are not respected, we are ready to fully refund the payment. All these nuances are prescribed in the contract.
  • Efficiency is our credo. The faster we run the test, the faster we can fix the errors. Our goal is to increase your profits.
  • We analyze websites of any complexity. We check news portals, online stores, forums, even social networks, if you suddenly decide to create your own.
  • Detailed report. For a person who does not understand much in SEO and programming, it is sometimes difficult to understand our terms, so we try to explain the essence of the problems in clear words, while not pouring extra “water”. We are ready to indicate before starting work, in what form you want to receive reporting data. Our task is not only to describe the errors that we find, but also to clarify empirically proven ways to solve them.
  • We have all the necessary certificates that confirm our competence in this field.
  • Check out customer reviews and cases of work already done to clear up your last doubts.

Use the feedback form or write in any convenient messenger so that we can discuss the nuances.

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