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We make an explosive UTP for your site: recommendations, examples, formulas

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A unique selling proposition (hereinafter, we will simply call it UTP) is an integral part of a successful business. If it is missing, your business is bad. You can hover countless examples of sites that are identical in content (slogans about low prices and best quality, fast service delivery, etc.). The only difference is in the design template.

Составляем взрывное УТП для вашего сайта: рекомендации, примеры, формулы
Составляем взрывное УТП для вашего сайта: рекомендации, примеры, формулы
Составляем взрывное УТП для вашего сайта: рекомендации, примеры, формулы

In this situation, it’s truly a pity for potential customers who will have to spend more than one hour choosing among truly hundreds of identical websites a truly worthwhile company that will fully meet its needs (for example, it is looking for specialists to build and install a stretch ceiling).

That is why it is very important to correctly prepare the USP in such a way that it advantageously distinguishes you from the competition. This will attract more customers and make you a dangerous opponent for other similar companies.

It is worth noting that with a unique selling proposition, you can afford to put a higher price for your services, because most buyers are willing to pay more for the product if they are sure that it will solve their problems.

Your USP will only succeed if it is:

  • unique – none of your competitors can offer this;
  • specific – a potential client immediately understands what it is about;
  • valuable – the benefits are clear to the user.

We are ready to share with you our long-term developments of scenarios, useful formulas and real examples that will facilitate your task of drawing up a TTP.

How to start?

  1. Analysis of the target audience. What is interesting to the car enthusiast is unlikely to cause special delight in mom on maternity leave. That is why the first thing, starting to develop a USP, you should carefully examine your target audience – what is interesting to your potential customers, what tasks they are trying to solve.

For example, you develop USP for an online cosmetics store. Naturally, the main buyers in this segment are women. If a woman plans to order all this online, then she has no time to go shopping. According to statistics, these are women aged 25-50 years (working). Let’s think about what offer can play a key role in their choice, if they are limited in time? Naturally, that fast and, importantly, free delivery. Based on this, an example of the correct UTP for this company would be “Free delivery in Vladivostok within 2-3 hours.”

Составляем взрывное УТП для вашего сайта: рекомендации, примеры, формулы

Important! Remember that the target audience is more than just a set of parameters such as gender, age, social status, etc. You must clearly think about the portrait of the client, so that an understanding of who you offer and what service you offer, what benefits it will bring to your clients, and what problems they will help you to form, will form in your head.

  1. Analysis of business features. It is likely that the best UTP is literally in front of the nose, but it can not be recognized. To do this try to give answers to some simple questions:
  • What materials are your products made of?
  • How is the production process?
  • What equipment is needed for the process?
  • What makes your product unique?
  • How does the system of interaction with the client?
  • What is the algorithm for processing orders?

It is likely that answering these questions, you managed to highlight the advantage of your company that shows you in the most favorable light. By the way, sometimes USPs work well with a reference to the flaw: “Handmade sweets with a short shelf life are made of exclusively fresh and natural ingredients.”

For example, your company specializes in laser cutting of metals. At first glance, you are no different from competitors – the timing, price, delivery are the same. But, at your disposal an ultra-modern equipment, fiber-optic laser, which allows you to perform ultra-precise cutting. So this is a great USP! “Ultra-precise laser cutting (accuracy is up to 0.1 mm) – we perform work using a fiber-optic installation of the new generation Ruchservomotor 3015”.

Составляем взрывное УТП для вашего сайта: рекомендации, примеры, формулы

Important! There is hardly a person who is oriented in the characteristics of any business than the owner. That is why he himself must determine what the chip of his company is, and copywriters and marketing specialists will help to arrange all this into an effective UTP.

  1. Analysis of competitors.To understand the real state of affairs, you should constantly analyze and compare your business and competitors. Approximately it is necessary to consider such factors:
  • price;
  • availability of promotions, loyalty programs;
  • delivery terms;
  • staff courtesy;
  • convenience of navigation and ordering on the site;
  • warranty periods;
  • the option of deferred payment.

Thus, you get an objective picture of your strengths and weaknesses against competitors. Those aspects in which you win, and can be taken for the site UTP.

For example, you own a company that sells tires. A part of the goods is delivered only on request, and delivery takes about a week. Loyalty program is not possible to launch at this time, pricing and brands are the same as in other representatives of the segment. But they all offer up to 3 years warranty, and you can indefinite. Is this not a great UTP? “When buying our tires, an unlimited warranty is provided: in case of accidental damage, we will replace it for free.”

Составляем взрывное УТП для вашего сайта: рекомендации, примеры, формулы

Remember! You must find your chip, something that only you will have. After all, if you and your competitor have a similar USP, it is likely that he will try to outdo you!

  1.  Customer Survey.If your company already had customers, conduct a survey on why they chose you – this could be a clue. Such analytics helps to improve the service and increases the level of trust in the company.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, started your own beauty salon. Ask the craftsmen who serve customers to ask them why they came to you. Do people say your work schedule suits them? Fine! You have found your highlight – you accept customers from 11 am to 21 (or, as an option, around the clock), and not from 9 to 19 as the closest competitors. Here is the UTP: “Salon with a schedule convenient for everyone: welcome daily from 11:00 to 21:00.”

Составляем взрывное УТП для вашего сайта: рекомендации, примеры, формулы

However, if you do not yet have experience and no customers for a survey, look for such information on the web: move social networks, chat with people on profile forums, etc. Your task is to unobtrusively find out from potential visitors (customers, customers) what attracts them, what they pay attention to.

Preliminary work is quite laborious and complex, but, coming to this with all seriousness, at the output you get an almost perfect UTP.

Effective formulas for creating the best USP

If you clearly identified your benefits, this is only half the job. Correctly form the UTP itself is equally important. Compare: “Free delivery in Vladivostok in 2-3 hours” and “We carry out free delivery in all Vladivostok. Delivery time is 2-3 hours.” The semantic load is the same, but the first UST is an order of magnitude easier to read and perceive.

In order for your UTP to be concise and efficient, we recommend using one of the suggested templates:

  1. Product + benefits / features. Tell us what exactly is your offer. For example, the UTP “Courses of hairdressers with subsequent employment” will be attractive to all newcomers to the hairdressing industry, since this adds to their confidence that their training will not pass in vain.
  2. Product + without customer concerns. The USP must be compiled in such a way that the client understands that he does not risk anything:

Many women dream of losing weight quickly and without much stress. If the proposed method works exactly this way, it is worth emphasizing.

Important: you need to explain how you are different from others, otherwise your proposal may seem suspicious.

  1. An important feature or feature + customer need. You must emphasize those aspects of the product that may be of interest to the buyer. This technique is often used by banks and other financial institutions:

When a customer urgently needs money, he expects to receive it as quickly as possible. That is why the bank should emphasize that a person will receive them in a matter of minutes.

This formula works great in other areas. For example, “Tire without waiting – the replacement of rubber in 20 minutes.”

  1. CA + problem + ways to solve it. It is necessary to clearly indicate which target audience is suitable for the service (product):

So a person understands that this offer is addressed to him, and it is profitable.

Remember! The narrower the target number, the more specific the ways to solve the problem should be indicated. So, the above example may look more profitable if it is supplemented with concrete facts: “Training for office managers, EP employees and salespeople – you will be able to exceed the sales plan after just 1 lesson.”

  1. Problem solving + warranty. Describe the essence of the problem of the potential buyer and offer him a way to solve it, provide guarantees. For example:

As simple as possible and understandable: the customer is hungry and wants to quickly satisfy this need, and you offer to quickly deliver his pizza, and give him a competitive guarantee.

You do not have to perfectly inherit the specified patterns. You can take a ready-made scheme, add something of your own to it, or come up with something completely new – it depends on your creativity and the specifics of your business. In any case, the main thing is to remember about the client: you must necessarily show what exactly he will receive, but what a wonderful company you have is optional. Cooperating with you, he himself must understand this.

Составляем взрывное УТП для вашего сайта: рекомендации, примеры, формулы

How to see UTP clients: key mistakes

  1. Not true information. If you have exaggerated your capabilities or used aspects that should be present by default, your proposal is unlikely to be successful. So, for a dental clinic, an unsuccessful UTP will be: “Professionals with experience of more than 3 years.” Naturally, everyone expects to get to an experienced and competent specialist.

Solution: look at USP as a potential customer. What do you expect, going to the clinic? It is logical that the appropriate treatment without pain. This is the thought that should be introduced into the UTP. “Painless dental procedures with a guarantee of 3 years – in our clinic experienced professionals work.”

  1. There is no specific benefit. You tried to leave due to dubious advantages. For example, the UTP will not be suitable for the online store of home textiles with an indication of the range: “The CosyHome online store for home textiles – we have more than 1,500 products.” This is inappropriate, because there is always a store with a wider range.

Yes, if you offer truly unique products, it can be emphasized, for example: “10,000 vaz, hand-painted by masters from around the world.” But, again, this is worth talking about if none of your competitors offer the same and can get ahead of you in the near future.

We make an explosive UTP for your site: recommendations, examples, formulas

Solution: emphasize another advantage. For example, your company is selling cotton bedding sets. This point is worth emphasizing: “Hypoallergenic bedding sets for those who are prone to allergies: organic material is used for manufacturing.”

  1. Stamped. Do not choose vague, ambiguous, general phrases such as “fast delivery”, “best specialists”, “favorable prices”, etc. Such formulations can be found on 90% of all selling sites. They are so popular and common that people do not perceive them at all.

Solution: add a specific sentence to your USP: “Flowers with delivery in 1 hour”, etc. If you cannot justify your UTP with facts and actions, look for something else.

  1. Incorrectly placed accents. There was a lot said in the UTP about one of the categories of goods, although there are 10 of them in your online store.

For example: “Ultra-modern nail polishes – put your manicure in order in just 1 minute.” Of course, if your store focuses precisely on lacquers, and they bring 80% of all profits, then this UTP is allowed. If you want to sell more lipstick, powder and eye shadow, you need to look for other options.

Solution: let the UTP wording affect the store as a whole, and not just focus on one category. If the assortment is too diverse, emphasize the service: “Cosmetics with courier delivery: working without breaks and weekends.”

  1. Excessive volume. I got carried away with the process and your UTP turned out to be a whole paragraph: “Furniture from an array of 4,000 rubles: we offer high-quality furniture at such low prices, because we have our own production – we have our own carpentry shops and even a power-saw bench. If you find where it is cheaper, we are willing to give you a nice discount and also refund the difference. “

Solution: cut! Successful UTP should consist of one sentence: “Furniture from an array of 4,000 rubles – if you can find cheaper, ready to return the difference.” The rest of the information that you consider important to customers, place in the paragraph below.

  1. Plagiarism. If you decide to save your time, money and effort, and simply copied someone else’s UTP or slightly changed it, such a decision is unlikely to benefit your company.

Solution: unfortunately, everything will have to be done anew: to study the target audience, analyze the advantages, study the experience of competitors, etc. If you are very limited in time, try a few transform disastrous UTP. Instead of “Internet lingerie boutique with delivery” write “Internet lingerie boutique with delivery within 2 hours to anywhere in the city.”

Are you sure your USP is written flawlessly? Do not rush to rejoice prematurely – it may be ineffective, despite its apparent attractiveness.

Составляем взрывное УТП для вашего сайта: рекомендации, примеры, формулы

How to understand if USP will be effective?

To check whether the proposal is viable, answer a couple of simple questions:

  1. Does your UTP look believable? For example, “Begemot Language Courses” – French in 60 minutes ”sounds attractive but implausible, while“ Behemoth Language Courses ”- French for beginners in just 5 hours“ sounds more real.
  2. Your UTP contains the answer to the question, why should the client choose his choice among hundreds of similar offers? If yes, you can not worry.

Alternatively, you can test the effectiveness of UTP on customers – to make several options and perform the newsletter. The one to which the greatest number of consumers will react can be chosen.

Of course, the formulation of the best UTP takes away a lot of time and effort. But, by showing perseverance, perseverance and ingenuity, you can gain the trust of potential customers. If you are not confident in your abilities, we will be happy to help you!

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