CEO is constantly improving, and search engine algorithms are becoming more intelligent. It is for this reason that we need to speculate on what will be more important for the CEO in the current 2018? And what for it will need to take into account in the future? And for what reasons?

In this guide, you can then find out: how exactly in 2018 to dominate the search engines.

As you all know, engineers at Google, Yandex and other search engines that you use work on an ongoing basis so that all users can observe the best results of their work. Due to this, there are changes every day that are not notified in advance, but the main innovations are carried out throughout the year, many new things are being created for improvement.

Способы СЕО-продвижения в 2018 году

Because of this, many online resources can either fall deep down, or go to the first page.

More than 500-600 changes in the mechanism are made in a year, so that users are provided with the best achievements. Let us consider in more detail what will change in 2018 for optimization for search engines.

Voice enhancements

Google employees say that about 20% of searches from smartphones are voice commands. Search with the help of voice is developing daily, in a short time voice commands will prevail. The use of digital assistants is constantly increasing. Due to the fact that the number of voice requests grows, they begin to become more natural, long tails, which means a conversational tone.

Способы СЕО-продвижения в 2018 году

As digital helpers improve, the number of users using voice input increases. It is with the help of voice commands, according to Google statistics, 1 of 5 requests are executed. So how to optimize your resource for search using your voice? Earlier, we recalled that it’s quite natural for people to use long phrases in a voice query. You need to be convinced that your site is written correctly and it falls into Google rankings. You can answer other questions in your blog.

Способы СЕО-продвижения в 2018 году

It’s time to prepare for the first mobile index from Google

In 2018, the entire CEO may change, as in the past, Google said it plans to switch to the first mobile index. That is, Google will prefer the mobile version of your site not only for smartphones, but also for computers. Since mobile search has only 60% market share and it starts to grow. Google indices for mobile phones are evolving rapidly, so if you haven’t done this yet, the time has come to equip your site as a mobile.

There are two important points to consider for the index:

  1. Google employees recommend adapting the mobile website to smartphones;
  2. Both on the computer version and for phones, the content of the site should be similar.
Способы СЕО-продвижения в 2018 году

Need to pay more attention to extended keys

Long-tailed phrases are recognized as natural, having more specifics, they are loved by most users in search queries. Due to this, keywords with long ends are the most highly targeted, and it is also considered that this method is among the best for getting high directional traffic. About 40% of visits passing through search engines, is observed precisely because of the long-tailed keys, as reported by the website Ahrefs. This is more than it may seem at first, the search through voice input grows daily and it has already been said that one of the five requests will be executed thanks to it. By entering a voice request, people utter natural phrases. That is why the use of keys with a long tail is constantly growing.

Work on the ergonomics of the website

At the moment when the user enters the web resource, he creates the first impression, which is the user experience (UX) and it is he who is the key to the CEO’s step to the future. This experience is very important, as each person wants to see in front of him a clean design that attracts attention. Users like sites with good designs and easy navigation. If visitors like your resource, then Google will push it to more advantageous positions in the search.

Способы СЕО-продвижения в 2018 году

Do not forget about search engine optimization in video files

Do you like visualization? Users like it most, they like the video. In second place after Google is YouTube. We believe that he will soon be superior to others. Since YouTube is owned by Google, there will be much more opportunities to achieve results on the first page.

Способы СЕО-продвижения в 2018 году

This suggests that Google has provided more opportunities for marketers and optimization systems. There is no doubt that in the future, Google will add videos to the number of favorites.

It was previously mentioned that humanity loves video content.

If you try to add an up-to-date video clip to a blog, then this will help extend the user’s time on your site, which will increase your rating. What should be done for the best results? As you know, Google has set itself the goal of demonstrating excellent results. Spam content is not evaluated in this technology. And after you should pay attention to the in-depth article. According to recent audits, deeper content is more appreciated and respected by Google. Not less than 2 thousand words is the resource rating for competing keywords. But content with details will quickly rise to vantage points.

Способы СЕО-продвижения в 2018 году

How to become one of the first in Google on the content of the site?

While scanning a page with robots, it is checked:

  1. H1 (It can be used only once in the title, it is better not to use it in the content);
  2. Name (This is the first thing that catches the eye of a visitor to Google, it is important for CTR);
  3. A small description (the second thing that draws attention);
  4. URL (must be clean);
  5. Images with a description (Their search increases due to the love of users for them);
  6. Subtitles (All content is better divided into several parts with headings).
Способы СЕО-продвижения в 2018 году

It is YOUR hour!

All this will be significant in 2018 for SEO optimization. Start optimizing now before it’s too late. We will be very curious to know what exactly you are going to do at the beginning. Tell us about it in the comments below.

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