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Want to publish on popular sites? Here are three tips for you

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Actual tips that will allow you to publish on well-known sites. There will be three of them in this article. Small but very helpful.

Хотите публикаций на популярных сайтах? Вот, вам три совета

Tip №1

Many recommend offering your article to several editors at once. There is a risk to publish on several sites at the same time, and the editors will not quite like it. Imagine that two competing companies will publish the same material? If you are going to turn to different editions, then warn them about it. So you act honestly, provoke the speed of publication of your material.

Tip №2

Taking advantage of such a thing as posting on multiple sites at the same time threatens to have a bad reputation. Very often, editors communicate with each other or simply get acquainted with third-party material. If they find deception on your part, then you will not last long, because there are not so many popular publications.

Хотите публикаций на популярных сайтах? Вот, вам три совета

Tip №3

Portals have their own reputation and preferences by topic. This should be considered in addition to attendance statistics. Another item statistics data may also differ from the data on the topic in which you work. Also calculated viral posts and commenting. All indicators are summed up and calculated on a par with the gross indicator of the total attendance of a blog, website, etc.

To all I want to add, to work on an ongoing basis with popular publications, be attentive to people working in the editorial.

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