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During the creation of the site, special attention should be paid not only to the design and design, but also comfortable operation. If the user is not comfortable using the portal, then he simply will not begin to visit him and will find a similar one. If you are sure that finding a good photographer, placing texts and adding buttons created by experienced masters, you can achieve a positive result, then this is not so.

No matter how beautiful and stylish the site is, if nothing is clear on it, it will be completely useless. To avoid such problems, we offer some useful tips. They will help both experienced developers and beginners.

Полезные советы для создания удобного сайта для пользователей

Theoretical material

Important attributes to create an ergonomic and practical site – it is worth considering each developer.

Psychological laws that can influence the way people act. They should be foreseen at the stage of project formation.

Misconceptions about user behavior. ВAll people, getting to the site, immediately pay attention to the words written in large print. Many believe that the word “Free” can immediately attract users. But in what cases does it help?

What do users need? You can argue for a long time and think what all the same visitors need, or you can simply apply the proven technique and identify all the problems. In order to interest users, it is required to identify elements that negatively affect sales and affect changes.

Полезные советы для создания удобного сайта для пользователей

Web design that people don’t like. All experienced experts believe that for a stable and profitable work site must be carefully thought out. Users should have no problems. Not everyone can quickly understand it, and if it is not at all clear, then no one will stay on it for a long time. Particular attention is paid to web design. Experts made an assessment of this problem and tried to create a list of what is best not to do.

Полезные советы для создания удобного сайта для пользователей

Human psychology, as a way to attract the attention of users. Video game developers carefully think through all the subtleties of the game in order to engage its players. These techniques can be used for online trading.

Simplicity is the path to success. Portals with a complex structure are very difficult to understand. People will not be able to quickly figure out and find the necessary section. Faced with a similar problem, most turn to competitors.

How to make the site elements comfortable?

Correct design of the pages in the checkout.  Once on the site a person must clearly know what he needs to buy or order. No one wants to spend time useless. Quick search for the necessary content and finding the answer to the questions will greatly simplify the process of use.

How to make life easier for an Internet user? Every online store is thought out to the smallest detail. Once on him a person should get positive emotions. Developers pay attention to valuable details like navigation, shapes, and buttons.

Creating an effective portal using the carousel. On many sites you can see a similar feature. With a flawless approach, you can interest users. When creating you do not need to forget about usability.

MouseOver-effect for the online store – the most optimal solutions for large and small sites.

Optimization of web site form. Filling out web forms is a complex and time consuming process. Many developers can not perform this work. If you incorrectly think through this form, then the person simply does not want to fill it in and register on the site for distribution. If it is very difficult and filling takes a lot of time, then there will be no further cooperation.

Полезные советы для создания удобного сайта для пользователей

Link usability. Do references really have to be made in blue and highlighted?

The basic rules for the modernization of orders for ecommerce-resources. With the help of an experienced psychologist, you can choose the optimal strategy.

Search tips on the website. Specialized resources offer a large number of functions with a number of positive qualities.

How does the user learn about products hit the shopping cart? The implementation of this function on many sites does not meet the necessary requirements. After entering the basket there is no action. Users remain on the same page and receive information that the product has been added to it. They are not informed of subsequent actions.

Полезные советы для создания удобного сайта для пользователей

The main requirements for the landing page.  Before the developers presented two options for action. The first one provides a smaller screen with minimal information and no scrolling. The second is highlighted with an enlarged screen with the ability to present a large amount of material and data. They eventually lead to conversion.

Functional stuff for stable site operation. Visitors to the site will gladly say thanks to the developer when using various usability details. They are simple and uncomplicated in their work.

Mobile versions of sites

Why don’t they go to the site from mobile? Main reasons. Many owners of portals can not understand why they do not come from mobile devices. There are a number of reasons for this.

Полезные советы для создания удобного сайта для пользователей

Examples of trivia for mobile versions of sites. These functions will seriously simplify the work of the site and help determine the experience.

Usability in reality

Testing usability portal. The technique will allow the developer to evaluate the work of the future site. It does not require large costs.

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