Updating the rules for email lists in Google Ads

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    Since October 22, the updated rules in Google Ads are valid for advertisers using email lists. Currently, this option can be used by users who comply with the following standards:

    • Exact compliance with the rules.
    • No irregularities in advertising.
    • Application promotion from Google for at least three months.
    • The cost of using the account is not less than 50 thousand dollars.

    If the account does not meet the above standards, for such advertisers the option will no longer be available. Therefore, their advertising campaigns, which use lists of email addresses, will be suspended.

    Activation of this targeting method is possible exclusively for the profile manager. If this option was not used before, and the manager is missing, the connection will also be unavailable.

    In the future, they will develop application stages for activating the option. About when it will be launched, in the future will notify users.

    Обновление правил по спискам электронных адресов в Google Ads

    The updated rules apply to all advertisers and countries that use email lists.

    It is worth remembering that the service introduced a new targeting tool Customer Match (lists of email-addresses) in the fall of 2015. This option helps to download lists of email addresses and relate them to Google users in Gmail, who are authorized. It is also relevant for displaying advertising to users of YouTube and Search.

    In December last year, Google added support for new types of information to the service. After that, it became available to download not just lists of email addresses, but also other contact information: name, surname, country of residence, telephone, index.

    Обновление правил по спискам электронных адресов в Google Ads
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