Unicode character table for inserting into a site

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Anyone who has ever used Unicode is most likely looking for these characters every time on the Internet, because entering some of them using the keyboard is inconvenient, and for many how to do it is a mystery. Today we’ll talk about why the modern user needs Unicode symbols and where to get it?

Why did we decide to write about this? Earlier in the article about the “snippet”, we already said that one of the options for creating an attractive description of the site in the output (that goes immediately under the name of the site and its address) can be used unicode. You can also enter them in the Title itself. If your niche allows the use of images in the description, then this can play into your hands and distinguish the website from competitors in the issuance. The main thing is not to overdo it and use this tool carefully. It is unlikely that a serious financial consultant or a manufacturing company will benefit from the “seals” in the description.

Unicode is also great for writing text as a design and SEO tool.

A lot of articles have already been written on the subject of Unicode symbolism.

Unicode character table for inserting into a site

This is an international uniform coding standard that knows almost all written languages and can display their characters.

Latin, Chinese and Greek alphabets, mathematical symbols thanks to Unicode can be represented and understood anywhere in the world.

He appeared at the turn of 80-90 at the initiative of programmers. At that time, everyone used 8-bit encodings and they were constantly created without coordination.

Remember before, very often, when you open sites or documents on the Internet, “crooked hair” appeared? This was due to code mismatch. It was necessary to come up with a single encoding into which any of the codes would be converted in order to become understandable and readable in any corner of the world.

Unicode character table for inserting into a site

You can always talk about him, revealing technical details. But today, we do not see the point. A few years ago, things were a little different. Any Internet specialist had to know about the encoding and be able to use it. But today, technology has advanced and Unicode has lost its relevance (at least in this area).

Of course, some geeks from time to time write lengthy articles on this topic, and then actively enter holivars in the comments. But for ordinary users, the code is now interesting only from the point of view of uniqueness of content and self-expression. Like emoticons, for example.

Today, Unicode serves to add funky characters to plain text. Wherever you copy text after this (notepad, word, browser, Instagram), these characters will not disappear and will not change. You can write a post and add them to the title or text, after which any resource from Telegram to Facebook will understand it the same way. Also, they can be used for statuses and even spelled out in a name. Twitter, for example, generally considers them to be simple letters, and in a tweet you can unicode all 140 times instead of ordinary letters.

Unicode character table for inserting into a site

Why do I need a Unicode character table?

The main problem is that they are difficult, and some even impossible, to enter using the keyboard. For example, you need to know its standard number, which is not so simple, given that there are thousands of them! The easiest way to do this is Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. This is where the table comes in handy. We will leave a reference for you at the end of the article. Throw it to your favorites and enjoy your health. There is very convenient functionality. For each picture there is a copy button and its digital code. There is even a search, by keywords, and a table of contents for ranges. There you can even find runes, not to mention the banal Cyrillic alphabet. 

Convenient and closer to ordinary users classification from developers will help you quickly find what you need. For example, here is a section for VKontakte users:

Unicode character table for inserting into a site
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