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Turbo pages – features, benefits and creation process in Yandex.Direct

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Not so long ago, Yandex presented an innovative development, useful for webmasters and business owners. Turbo pages are designed to reduce the loading time of the site via a smartphone. With this feature, it is possible to load pages faster than their mobile versions. The speed increases about 15 times. The result is the absence of heavy elements – scripts, images, etc. at the same time the page weight is significantly reduced, so the load is faster.

Recognizing the Turbo pages is easy; they are indicated by a racket or a zipper. The increase in load time has a positive effect on visitors, traffic increases by about 30%. In addition, in the test mode, the technology is available to advertisers. That is what our article is about.

Turbo pages – what is the benefit of using for advertisers

This technology should pay attention to those who do not have a mobile version of the site, a special application. They allow you to convert traffic from smartphones, which often does not reach the advertiser. Now you can take only 2 options applications:

  • Customer Callback Service.
  • E-mail communication.

This method is convenient for the promotion of goods and products with a long-term sales cycle. This method is also beneficial for visitors, because after becoming interested in a product, you do not need to waste time registering, working with a basket, and you can contact and order a product with a few clicks on your smartphone.

Турбо-страницы - особенности, преимущества и процесс создания в Яндекс.Директ

Instructions for creating Turbo pages

They are made in manual mode, using a special constructor. Pictures are added in templates, application forms are created, individual fields are edited. You can put a link. An experienced webmaster can easily create a Turbo page.

Creation instructions include several steps:

  1. First of all, you need to request permission from the manager of Yandex. Usually after 24 hours, setting up such pages becomes available in the “My campaigns” section.
  2. Having followed the link, you get to the library where samples are placed. Clicking on the plus sign, there are 2 types of templates.
  3. In the first there are three pages – the first is needed to describe the company, the goods sold and the services provided. The second is an application for the receipt of goods, and the third is a page with gratitude for the purchase. The second template has only the last two pages – application and thanks.
  4. Before creating the pages with the accelerated loading, it is better to think over their concept. Choose a logo, a unique picture, think over the structure. In the course you can put up calls for action, describe the merits of a product or company. Unusual color design and chips, designed for the target audience, make Turbo pages as effective as possible to increase sales.
  5. You will need to enter the company INN and leave a link that will lead to a user agreement.
Турбо-страницы - особенности, преимущества и процесс создания в Яндекс.Директ

At the end of all stages, you can see what your Turbo page will be and fix what was not pleasant. If you do not do it now, then there will be no further possibility to correct any elements. We’ll have to go all over again and create a new template. To indicate a link to the Turbo page in an advertising campaign, you need to go to the section where you can edit the ad groups. Then you need to specify the desired page for a particular group.

While the technology does not provide for the convenient creation of pages with Turbo download for those who in the advertising company has a large number of ads. But I want to believe that this mechanism will be added. When the Turbo pages are ready, edited, added to ad groups, a counter appears in the Metric. Here in the same automatic mode, a list of goals appears in the Conversions section. And in Yandex.Direct using the Report Wizard, it is easy to view statistics. Filtering is carried out on the smartphone and tablets, by day, etc. You can compare different periods with each other.


Anyone who wants to increase traffic should try Turbo technology pages. This will attract visitors using smartphones, because some Internet users can only use their gadgets, not computers, to search for products and services of interest. The process does not take much time and effort, but you can track the effectiveness of such a tool personally for your business. The advantage is that there is no need to set up counters separately.

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