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    If you are sure that the world is ruled not by money, but by communication, then keep a list of useful literature on networking.

    ТОП-9 книг о нетворкинге

    • “Never Eat Alone,” C. Ferrazzi.

    Required reading! It is called the “Networking Bible.” The author’s ideas are taught to students at Stanford Business School. ”

    “Speaking is easy!”, C. Fleming.

    If communication difficulties arise, then literature is for you. Listen and you can have a relaxed dialogue, avoiding conflicts, and making new friends easily.

    “No one understands me,” H. Grant Halvorson.

    Here you will receive answers to questions: how do others perceive me; what should I change in words or actions in order to arouse sympathy in people.

    • “Communication is everything”, D. Rezak.

    Can’t make business acquaintances? Read, everything will change.

    “Networking for Introverts,” D. Zak.

    If you think that networking is “not for you,” then destroy this stereotype with Devora Zak.

    “The Next Level”, A. Kravtsov.

    Did you succeed thanks to your competence? It’s time to go further, where everything is decided by communication. Read the book and it will become much easier for you to gain recognition.

    “It will be done!”, N. Malakhov.

    Here are some important tips regarding self-efficacy: how to manage energy and set goals. 240 pages of extremely useful information.

    “Book of Challenges”, R. Casper.

    Take the challenge, and change for the better with Rosanne Casper! Only 30 days and you will find out what really interests you, master new behaviors, acquire good habits.

    “Your Support Group,” C. Ferrazzi.

    To be successful, you must be supported by a narrow circle. Everyone needs close ones. How to build trust in your “narrow circle”? Learn by reading the book.

    By the way, do you feel comfortable alone with yourself, or do you still prefer to “eat not alone”?

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