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    To save a million, you need to stop spending money on different nonsense. But how to do that? Our selection of literature will help, add to bookmarks.

    • “Where does the money go?”, Y. Sakharovskaya.

    This book is a detailed guide for families with earnings from 70,000 rubles / month, where all the necessary calculations are presented. With an experienced financial analyst, you will correctly set a goal, choose the tools to achieve it, and, most importantly, understand where your money is flowing. Inside is not only an analysis of income and expenses by articles, but also options for compiling a personal budget.

    • “How to draw up a personal financial plan, and how to implement it,” V. Savenok.

    We have repeatedly recommended the works of this author. This book will teach you how to plan financial flows in order to achieve your goals without austerity and restrictions.

    • “The path to financial freedom”, B. Schaeffer.

    The author tells how to create initial capital, regardless of the current financial situation.

    • “Psychological traps of money”, G. Belsky, T. Gilovich.

    All about unreasonable spending, and how to avoid them. The book is full of concrete, vivid examples of traps that we often fall into when managing money.

    • “A Million for My Daughter,” V. Savenok.

    If you want to start investing, but do not know where to start, then this book is for you. It will help not only put a start to your savings, but also introduce you to various financial instruments that help protect funds from inflation and increase them.

    • “The psychology of investment. How to stop doing stupid things with your money ”, C. Richards.

    Here is valuable information for those who have already taken the first step in investing: advice on risk assessment, how not to be tempted by the high profitability of a dubious project, etc.

    What personal finance book do you recommend?

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